Nurraysa Global is offering the finest and most friendly Liptint which holds natural qualities

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Malaysia, 18th Aug 2022, King NewsWire, Nurraysa is a brand of Wuduk, which provides high-qualitycosmetics such as lip tint. They have now introduced a new product called Korean Barbie Water Lip Tint that will surely help the lips to look fresh and naturally red. This fine-quality lip tint provides a natural red and will keep the lips hydrated. 

It is a fashion for women to use lip tints to make themselves look beautiful. Many people use lip tints, as they want to colour their lips and make them shine. But Liptints serve multiple purposes and provide many other benefits. Apart from just looking beautiful they moisturize the lips and keep them hydrated throughout the day. They are much lighter and natural looking than ordinary lipstick or blush powder and are easier to wear. Along with creating a beautiful appearance to the face, it can also add a rosy touch to the cheeks which can result in a marvellous appearance. 

Even though lip tints provide all these benefits, some low-quality lip tints can also have harmful chemicals in them. Thus, it is always better to opt for a good quality product (good brand), to get the best results. Korean Barbie Water Lip Tint introduced by Nurraysa is one such high-quality lip tint which is completely user-friendly. 


Nurraysa is a company that offers a wide range of best-quality cosmetics products like cleansers, lotions, and many other products for skin care. Apart from such beauty products, Nurraysa has now expanded its production to over 50 products like laundry products, drinks, supplements, and many others. With around 8 branches the company has now achieved massive growth and is now providing its products to Malaysian, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesian markets.

Korean barbie Water Lip Tint – Nurraysa

Lip tint is one of the main cosmetic products offered by Nurraysa, and they have now introduced their new product Korean Barbie Water Lip Tint with Vitamin C & E. The presence of Vitamins C & E is much more beneficiary for the person using it, as these Vitamins increases the moisturizing ability, soothes irritation, protects lips from sun damage (prevents cracked lips), and holds many other properties. Currently, this multipurpose product is available in three colour codes Red Chillies, Purpink, and Candy Orange available on Individuals can also order their products easily through this website.

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