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Orange House Introduces Health-Conscious Cleaning Products Powered by Natural Orange Oil

Taipei, Taiwan, 3rd Jul 2024 – Orange House, an eco-friendly and natural cleaning products company, is one of the branches of Yongfengyu Investment Co., Ltd. Recently, Orange House announces the launch of its innovative range of health-conscious cleaning products. The new range is designed for households worldwide, emphasizing natural ingredients, safety, and environmental sustainability. Orange House harnesses the power of food-grade certified natural orange oil to offer households worldwide a superior cleaning experience.

Orange House’s new product range features five significant categories, focusing on all household cleaning needs to be met with eco-friendly solutions. Each product is thoughtfully crafted to bolster the high standards of natural quality, with food-grade certified natural orange oil as a critical ingredient. Orange House’s product line spans five significant categories: laundry, dishwashing, kitchen, bathroom, and household cleaners. 

Orange House’s natural orange oil laundry detergent combines a high-efficiency antibacterial formula, effectively cleaning common pathogens. Advanced micelle technology maximizes orange oil’s cleaning power, penetrating deep into fibers to remove dirt and microscopic bacteria.

Additionally, Dishwashing Liquids are biodegradable, gentle on hands, and tough on grease. Free from artificial colors and fragrances, these dishwashing liquids harness the potent cleaning power of orange oil to dissolve grease and remove tough stains. The latest formulation boasts significant improvement in cleaning power, with added vitamin E and glycerin for skin protection.

Furthermore, Kitchen Cleaners are multipurpose and tackle various kitchen surfaces with natural ingredients, supporting a safe and clean cooking environment. Bathroom Cleaners are effective against soap scum and bathroom grime, maintaining hygiene with environmentally friendly formulations. Household Cleaners are versatile and suitable for various surfaces throughout the home, emphasizing natural ingredients and environmental safety.

Orange House’s dedication to sustainability is reflected in its eco-friendly product range. Each product is carefully crafted, ensuring no harmful chemical residues are left behind, making every cleaning experience safe and enjoyable.

Please visit their website for more information about Orange House and its products.

About Orange House

Orange House is dedicated to providing eco-friendly, natural cleaning products that promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. With a focus on natural ingredients, safety, and environmental sustainability, Orange House offers a comprehensive range of household cleaners that harness the powerful cleaning properties of orange oil.

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