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OSSA.AI Launches Revolutionary AI Video Tool for Emerging Brands

OSSA.AI, a new AI video content creation platform, allows brands and influencers to create social media-ready videos using artificial intelligence.

Santa Ana, California, United States, 23rd Mar 2024 – In an era with more competition than ever, emerging brands are finding it increasingly difficult to get their voice heard. A new platform, OSSA.AI, aims to make engaging content available to all by allowing users to create short-form videos thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

The first platform of its kind, brands can use the script-to-video tool to produce attention-grabbing videos that would otherwise require plenty of time, effort, and expertise to make. With a variety of AI content creation tools hitting the market in recent months, the world of AI storytelling is finally beginning to showcase its true potential. This latest tool from OSSA.AI has filled a gap in the market, allowing creators to level up their marketing campaigns without necessarily increasing the marketing expenditure. 


The value of the faceless short-form video has long been understood, but previously, the benefits were typically beyond the reach of startups and other young brands, who often didn’t have the technical expertise or budget to produce content that resonated with audiences. With OSSA.AI, brands can create short-form videos just by inputting their text prompt and selecting their output preferences. In a matter of minutes, they’ll have an AI video that requires no editing, and which perfectly encapsulates the brand’s vision and objectives. Users can get started with a Free Forever Plan by creating an account and selecting the free forever option. The Free Forever Plan includes 1,000 free credits for the website, which equates to about 4 short-form videos. 

The AI video tool is the brainchild of social media influencer @Colewherld, who has a combined social media following of more than 7 million and an overall reach that exceeds 4 billion people. An expert in creating engaging content, Cole Gonzales infused the tool with his social media expertise to create videos that get the public’s attention. Created videos have been optimized to perform well on the most popular social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

OSSA.AI is not the first script-to-video AI video tool to emerge in recent months. The market has been flooded with such tools in response to the growing interest in artificial intelligence. OSSA.AI stands out from the crowd by incorporating elements that have been excluded from other video generation tools. With OSSA, users have complete control over the video production process. Unlike other tools, which typically use pre-made templates or low-quality AI content as their basis, OSSA.AI gives users as much creative control as possible. The results are videos that have been tailor-made in line with the user’s overall objectives. 

This new tool offers social media influencers, emerging brands, and interested creatives the chance to create content that people pay attention to on social media websites, and offers a significant leap forward in the world of AI content creation tools. Easy to use and upload, OSSA.AI may well prove to play a vital role in the success of social media campaigns in the months and years ahead, helping brands reach audiences in a new and innovative manner. 

Press enquiries can be directed to OSSA.AI’s press team at press@ossa.ai. Postal queries can be directed to Cole Gonzales at OSSA.AI INC 603 Parkcenter Drive, Suite 101 Santa Ana, California 92705. To check out the OSSA.AI website, go to https://ossa.ai/

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