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Proactive Lending Group Now Offers Aid With Church Loans in States

The financial aid provider now looks to provide assistance to provide church loans

San Antonio, Texas, United States, 23rd Nov 2022 – Proactive Lending Group is pleased to announce they now offer aid with church loans in States. In addition to providing these services in Dallas, they can now provide church loans in Indianapolis and all over the States. Their goal is to help religious groups get the money they need without being tied down by significant or unfair interest rates or other hidden fees. They connect lenders with borrowers through their platform and become the bridging link between the two!

This program was aimed and formed as it helps churches all over the States. They provide services such as finding lenders for church loans, which are loans provided to religious groups without any restrictions on how the money can be used or where it goes. Proactive Lending Group connects lenders with borrowers through its platform and becomes the link between the two!

If you are a church and need to borrow money, the benefits of leasing a property can be significant. One key advantage is that no prepayment penalty is charged when you sell your church loan back to us at any time. This means that if your church loses its lease or finds it difficult to make repayments, they will not penalize you for doing so. Another essential benefit of leasing is that there are no collateral requirements or hidden fees involved in purchasing loans with the company’s help: Their clients receive all the financing they need without having to provide any financial statements or tax returns ahead of time (as opposed to traditional loans). And since these types of credit facilities can be used for any purpose—including building repairs—you can rest easy knowing that whoever buys them will be able to use them as intended!

“I am very excited to be able to help churches get adequate funding,” says the CEO of Proactive Lending Group, Bruce Myles. “We have worked hard over the last few years to get our services available for the welfare of churches across Texas, and now we can say we have made it possible for any church looking for funding will have access to them through our company,” Myles adds that he is happy that he has been able to help so many churches in Dallas find proper funding for their buildings and programs.

About Proactive Lending Group – 

Proactive Lending Group is a company that helps churches get the money they need for their buildings, ministries, and other projects. The company has been in business for over 19 years and has offices in various parts of Texas. They are a BBB-accredited business that provides help loans to any commercial and real estate need.

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