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ProVideoMeeting Offers Turnkey Conferencing Solution With Integrated Document Signing For Busy Entrepreneurs

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ProVideoMeeting, an entrepreneur-focused video communication platform, offers an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for busy business owners. The platform includes features like document signing (InstasignTM), integrated meeting scheduling, and personalized links. Custom waiting rooms facilitate better communication between meetings. Founder and CEO Vito Lomanaco highlights the platform’s tailored features for small businesses. ProVideoMeeting streamlines video meetings with reusable personalized links and integrates with popular calendar applications. The platform’s “don’t use, don’t pay” policy charges users only when active. Notably, ProVideoMeeting introduces InstasignTM, an integrated document signing tool for virtual meetings, combining two functions in one. For more information, visit their website at

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 24th Aug 2023, King NewsWireProVideoMeeting, a video communication platform designed by and for entrepreneurs, offers an easy-to-use, all-in-one video meeting solution to empower folks who are busy running their businesses. ProVideoMeeting delivers much more than just online meetings, as document signing (InstasignTM), integrated meeting scheduling, and link personalization are included at no additional cost to users.

Additionally, ProVideoMeeting provides custom waiting rooms where users can send messages, visit a website, or schedule to meet at a later time. Instead of logging on to dead air, the meeting room allows users to communicate with their next guest to ensure they don’t take off before wrapping up their last meeting.

“We designed a platform with features that our industry peers are currently lacking,” said Vito Lomanaco, the Founder and CEO of ProVideoMeeting. “The big players in this space are not responding to the needs of small businesses and solopreneurs. As serial entrepreneurs, we believe that the customer is owed a better product that is meticulously tailored to fit their daily needs.”

ProVideoMeeting, also known as PVM, makes the entire process of video meetings seamless, beginning with the generation of unique and memorable personalized links that can be reused in the future. “Often, the biggest stumbling block to successful video meetings is long garbled links that expire, so we zeroed in on a solution to this constant issue on competitor platforms,” said Mr. Lomonaco.

PVM also seamlessly integrates with the most commonly used calendar applications, including Google and Outlook, while its waiting room scheduling capability extends to Calendly, Chilipiper, and most any scheduling platform.

Additionally, the PVM has a “don’t use, don’t pay” policy where users with licenses are only charged when they use the platform in a given month.

The platform also has the first natively integrated document signing tool for video conferences. Users can review, execute, and share documents with InstasignTM without ever leaving a virtual meeting. “We are most proud of being the first-to-market with our InstasignTM feature,” said Vito Lomanaco. “We believe that this feature allows entrepreneurs to save money by combining what was traditionally two subscriptions into one.”

For more information on PVM and to learn more about our innovative features, influential partners, and more, visit our website:

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