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R.S. Andrews Experiences Surge in HVAC Inquiries as Temperatures Soar

Bluffton, South Carolina, United States, 24th Nov 2022, King NewsWireR.S. Andrews, a leading heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor, announced a surge in inquiries for HVAC installations and repairs in the last quarter due to consumers racing to cope with the sweltering heat. The home comfort service provider traditionally sees many inquiries leading up to warmer months but has yet to experience such a high volume of installation requests as it has this past summer. 

According to an R.S. Andrews spokesperson, “When you live in an area like Bluffton, Beaufort or Hilton Head in the Lowcountry of South Carolina or the Coastal Empire, your home’s air conditioning system puts in overtime during the hot summer months and beyond. That’s why it’s vital to find a reliable, trustworthy company that provides a full array of air conditioning services. The company you need is R.S. Andrews.”

Indoor Air Quality Another Issue

Along with the blistering heat comes other concerns. Drought and excessively dry conditions can lead to additional dust and debris in the air, raising the levels of indoor air pollution. With many areas experiencing the devastating effects of wildfires, R.S. Andrews has found that many consumers must also cope with fine particles and the smell of smoke invading their homes. 

Aside from helping residents achieve optimal indoor temperatures, HVAC systems are integral in ensuring the quality of the air that they breathe. When properly installed and maintained, an HVAC system can help to protect people from airborne particles such as dust, pollen, mold, soot, and bacteria. This plays an important role in preventing allergic reactions as well as avoiding the onset of serious health problems such as asthma and respiratory infections.

R.S. Andrews provides a range of services to improve the indoor air quality of its clients. These services include thoroughly cleaning air ducts and installing air purifiers with high MERV ratings in HVAC units. MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting values, which describes a filter’s ability to capture particles between 0.3 and 10 microns. The higher the MERV value, the more efficient a filter is at capturing potentially harmful particulate matter. Along with other IAQ solutions like UV lights, de-humidifiers, and humidifiers.

Colder Months Also a Concern

R.S. Andrews has conveyed that consumers asking about HVAC systems are also concerned about the upcoming winter as climate change has not only brought on warmer summers but also colder winters. With the increasing cost of living and utilities, many Americans have told the company that they are worried about being faced with heavy heating bills. Hence, they are looking for cost-effective indoor temperature management systems that can provide comfort without breaking the bank. 

In response, the company recommends that clients should inspect their residential heating systems in the fall before the temperatures start to dip. This will ensure that there will not be any inconvenient system failures during the winter. R.S. Andrews advises that homeowners should call for maintenance services if they notice burn marks or dirt buildup on the outside of their furnaces, strange noises or odors emanating from their HVAC systems, or a weak stream of warm air coming from the vents.

Efficiency Equals Care for the Environment

As Americans are increasingly bearing the brunt of the effects of climate change, we must take measures to ensure that we are doing our part in using power wisely. By ensuring that the heating and cooling systems in our buildings are running at maximum efficiency, we can avoid the excessive use of power and decrease the load we place on the grid. This lowers our emissions and lessens our contribution to the climate crisis.

R.S. Andrews advises consumers to service their home HVAC systems at least once every six months—before summer and before winter. This is why the company offers many HVAC maintenance plans including semi-annual tune-up services and discounts on service calls and repairs. In many instances, a tune-up will also include minor repairs to keep the systems running at peak performance. This means less power usage, lower utility bills, and less strain on the environment.

About R.S. Andrews

R.S. Andrews is a home comfort service provider that has helped numerous residents with the installation and maintenance of their heating and cooling systems since 1968. Their South Carolina office serves the Savannah and Pooler areas of Georgia; the Bluffton, Beaufort, and Hilton Head areas of South Carolina; and the islands of the South Carolina Lowcountry. 

R.S. Andrews is renowned for its prompt and dependable services in the areas of air conditioning, plumbing, duct cleaning, and electrical installation. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and is guaranteed to provide its clients with satisfaction. R.S. Andrews also provides 24-hour services to deal with air conditioning, heating, and plumbing emergencies.

To find out more about R.S. Andrews and its services, visit its website at or call 843-706-5090.

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