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Reala G and Dress Hood Street are On The Mission for a (Liberation Contract) Freedom to all Political Prisoners (Black Panther Party)

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United Kingdom, 24th Jul 2023, King NewsWire – Reala G  and Dress Hood Street gives a call to action about the social responsibility Hip Hop culture has coming from background of human rights and civil rights deeply rooted in the struggle for social justice, having most of the cultural members been born and raised in the hood as community, them or someone they know has received assistance from the political rebels group, Black Panther Party, before their attitude of rebellion turned out to be Hip Hop.

This soldiers lost their freedom incarcerated 40 plus years representing values and principles as loyal soldiers in the name of the community.

Free breakfast, medical treatment, clothing, protection against police brutality were just a few ways most the ones born and raised in the hood benefit in time of struggle

Today they need  help, so Reala G and Dress Hood Street bring us this call to action asking us to be responsible towards this unjust situation been real about it and represent justice with words and actions!!!!

Now is Time to use social media followers, the power of influence we all have and use it to bring changes to this situation with signatures on this petition


This is not just African American Situation is a Justice Situation

Community Representation, Keep it Real

Sign the petition, Represent Here

Media Contact

Organization: Dress Hood Street

Contact Person: Reala G



Country: United Kingdom

Release Id: 2407234989