Revolutionizing Athlete Support: How Player Support Services is Redefining Well-Being in Sports

Player Support Services Limited (PSS) is revolutionizing athlete support with comprehensive, holistic services to enhance physical, mental, and career well-being.

United States, 25th Jun 2024 – A Comprehensive Approach to Athlete Support: Player Support Services Limited (PSS) is a pioneering organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of professional, Olympic, and collegiate athletes. By offering a comprehensive suite of tailored, personal services, PSS ensures athletes achieve their maximum potential both on and off the field or track. The company’s mission is rooted in addressing the unique challenges athletes and their families face, providing enduring, holistic support encompassing physical and mental well-being, financial literacy, career development, and personal growth.



Founders’ Vision and Journey

PSS was founded by Dr. Simon Le Clerc MStJ, a former British Army officer with 24 years of active service supporting expeditionary and small unit operations, and Joe (JJ) Weber, a former elite US lacrosse player and certified sports performance and injury management psychologist. Their experiences in high-pressure environments and personal journeys highlighted the need for a comprehensive support system for athletes, coaches, and leaders across the sports industry. Dr. Simon’s struggle with severe combat-related PTSD after his military service and his daughter’s rising tennis career, combined with Joe’s performance improvement work with top-tier sports teams and rehab counseling, led to the creation of PSS. The organization aims to provide athletes, coaches, and senior sports leaders with ‘one-stop’ access to all the guidance and tools necessary to succeed throughout their careers and beyond, all for only a few dollars per month.



Unmatched Expertise and Inclusive Care

The services offered by PSS are extensive and designed to address every aspect of an athlete’s life. Career transition coaching helps athletes navigate retirement and career changes, while executive coaching and mentoring for sports leaders provide guidance at the highest levels. Personal leadership training and financial planning ensure athletes are prepared for life’s challenges, and sports psychology and mental performance services enhance mental resilience and performance. Branding and business development support athletes in building their brands and business ventures, while family support and legal services, including certified clinical child psychologists, offer comprehensive support to athletes and their families. PSS members who might be facing a move also benefit from direct access to athlete-focused real estate and mortgage brokers, as well as access to private security for them and their families if needed. For those in the sports industry who are looking for investment opportunities, PSS even offers their members access to specialist lawyers (former top-level players themselves), who can help them avoid scams, perform comprehensive due diligence on their behalf, and advise on all matters legal.



Personalized and Dynamic Services

PSS’s approach is personalized and dynamic, tailoring services to meet the specific needs of each athlete. The organization collaborates with a global network of experts, providing unparalleled resources and support to its clients. The dedicated team at PSS is committed to fostering an environment where athletes can thrive, ensuring they receive the guidance and tools necessary to succeed from the start of their sporting careers through retirement and beyond.



Success Stories and Client Testimonials

Client testimonials highlight the impact of PSS’s services. Athletes from various sports disciplines have benefited from the organization’s expertise, transitioning smoothly through different career stages and achieving significant personal and professional growth. The success stories of these athletes speak volumes about the effectiveness of PSS’s approach.



What Sets PSS Apart

PSS stands out from its competition through its laser-focused, holistic, athlete-centered, and importantly, independent approach. Unlike other services that may focus solely on one aspect of an athlete’s transition, PSS integrates a wide range of support services, ensuring athletes receive well-rounded assistance tailored to their unique needs. The organization’s commitment to building a supportive community around its athletes and fostering long-term development and well-being sets it apart.



Elite Backgrounds and Industry Recognition

The elite backgrounds of the PSS team contribute to its unique and effective support system. Dr. Simon Le Clerc MStJ was nominated for the Heropreneur of the Year Award and received a prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Award, recognizing his exceptional efforts in supporting athletes and veterans alike. These accolades, along with the team’s extensive experience in high-performance environments, underscore PSS’s commitment to its mission.



Global Partnerships and Diverse Services

PSS has already established partnerships with key business leaders and individual athletes across the globe, including those in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, lacrosse, soccer, golf, tennis, rugby, and Olympic sports. The organization’s services cater to the diverse needs of athletes, ensuring comprehensive support through every phase of their lives from the age of 16 onwards.



Raising Awareness for Holistic Support

By sharing its story, PSS aims to raise awareness about the importance of simple, comprehensive, all-in-one holistic support systems for athletes. The organization’s innovative approaches and significant impact on the sports industry make its story compelling and essential for the well-being of the sports community. The dedication to preventing the tragic outcomes often seen among athletes, such as mental health struggles, and family, and financial instability, highlights the critical role PSS plays in the lives of its clients.



Join the PSS Community

Join the PSS community and unlock the full potential of your athletic career. Whether you are a professional, Olympic, or collegiate athlete, PSS’s tailored services are designed to meet your unique needs. Contact PSS today to learn more about how the organization can support your journey.



About Player Support Services Limited

Player Support Services Limited (PSS) is dedicated to enhancing the lives of professional, Olympic, and collegiate athletes through comprehensive, holistic support. Founded by Dr. Simon Le Clerc MStJ and Joe (JJ) Weber, PSS offers tailored services designed to meet the unique needs of athletes, coaches, and senior sports leaders.

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