Revolutionizing Lawn Care: Introducing the ImoLaza Smart Sprinkler Controller

Hong Kong S.A.R., 4th Jul 2024 – Old sprinkler systems use a fixed schedule, which means they just water your lawn on a timer, no matter the weather. Sometimes this is a good thing, but as people demand more from their lawns than just health, smart sprinkler controllers emerge.

A smart sprinkler controllers can check the weather and your plants to know if they need water. If it’s about to rain or your yard’s already wet, it’ll automatically know to skip watering, saving water, lowering your water bill, and helping the environment.

You’re probably wondering, “How do these systems know when to water my grass?”

From our experience with the ImoLaza smart sprinkler controller, we’ll discuss how smart sprinklers actually work towards saving water.

Customized Watering

Just like people with special diets, plants have different watering needs depending on their type, size, and location in your lawn. For instance, green grasses need more watering than succulents like cacti, adapted to dry environments. Plants in shady areas also need less water than those under direct sunlight because of slow evaporation, allowing the soil to hold moisture for longer.

Thanks to smart irrigation, every plant type can get the optimal amount of water. You can create zone parameter settings with the ImoLaza app that considers your lawn’s plant, soil, nozzle, slope, sun exposure, and area size. The controller’s Watering Duration Expert™ will use these parameters to create a custom irrigation plan that conserves water by using only as much as each plant type and zone needs.

Real-Time Evapotranspiration (ET)

Busy schedules often make us forget our lawns, and when time allows, we overwater, thinking that we’re making up for lost time. ImoLaza integrates Intelligent ET Master™ technology, a feature that uses real-time evapotranspiration data, like air temperature, air humidity, precipitation, and sunlight intensity, to know the soil moisture balance in your garden soil. With this data, It automatically determines how much water each zone in your lawn needs until the next watering session. When Intelligent ET Master™ combines with Watering Duration Expert™ and Smart Weather Genius™, it forms an Intelligent Watering Decision Model™, the brain behind its smart irrigation system.

Accurate Weather Forecasting and Monitoring

Ever wondered why your plants die when you water them in the winter or early spring? It’s because the low temperatures freeze your soil, destroying plant roots. The same thing happens when your sprinklers are on in the rain. You risk overwatering your plants, which suffocates their roots, causing them to rot.

The ImoLaza controller has a weather forecasting and monitoring system called Smart Weather Genius™.  The software collects data from 375,000 personal weather stations to detect air temperature, humidity, wind speed, sunlight, and precipitation. It also lets you choose the weather station near you so you can skip watering just before it rains or gets really windy in time to avoid overwatering, saving up to 60% of water.

Go Smart, Save Water

These are just a few of the many features this smart controller has integrated to help your watering schedules and save a ton of water in the long run. Other than that, you’ll find the ImoLaza system very reliable and convenient because it takes away the hassle of manually tracking your sprinklers, allowing you to enjoy a lush green lawn with little to no effort. If you want to upgrade your sprinkler systems, ImoLaza will be a game-changer in keeping your plants healthy. Check out the official website to learn more about how it can enhance your curb appeal.

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