Rocket Raccoon offers crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to make the most out of cryptocurrency

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Braintree, Essex, United Kingdom, 21st Aug 2022, King NewsWire, Rocket Raccoon is a newly established crypto platform that makes crypto trading fun. The platform enables holders and clients to make the most out of their crypto coin in three ways: Trade, Earn and Win.

 Rocket Raccoon focuses on three main points and functions in the following ways. 

  1. Trade

People can Instantly swap crypto tokens, and no registration or account details are needed. Rocket Raccoon uses exclusive blockchain technology with much lower transaction costs than any other token. Trading fees are lower than other top decentralized exchanges, too, so that’s a double win for their clients. People can trade through Decentralized exchanges directly from their wallet app. Rocket Raccoon doesn’t hold their funds when people trade, i.e., holders have 100% ownership of their crypto.

Furthermore, the utility of the ROC token is based on the Scarce inflationary utility token, which generates the following points. 

  • ​Utility: Comments/Metrics
  • ​Launch Pad participation: Staking ROC is required to participate in the sales taking place on the launchpad.
  • Farming/Staking Reward: ROC will be the farming reward for the liquidity providers on certain staking pools Rocket Raccoon is setting up. 
  1. Win

Rocket Raccoon makes making money fun and proposes 3 points to avail from the step “Win”:

  • Lottery: Thousands of dollars regularly add up when winning the Rocket Raccoon Lottery. Users can join the community daily for a chance to win big.
  • NFT Collectibles: Win collectible NFTs for participating in trading competitions and more fun & games.
  • Prediction: People can win BNB if they can predict whether the BNB price will rise or fall. Every 5 minutes, new rounds take place. 

Additionally, Rocket Raccoon supports personalized profiles for users. These profiles allow their respective clients to choose their name, join a team, and choose from NFT profile images they’ve collected to use as their profile’s display picture.

  1. Earn

Earn ROC and other tokens for free with super high-interest rates.

  • Earn tokens with Staking Pools: Stake ROC, earn free tokens. ROC holders are currently earning a lot of free tokens every week from big projects. New projects join the party frequently so that users can earn more for even longer. Staking will be locked for ten weeks. A minimum token for staking is 500,000 ROC.
  • Earn tokens with Farm Pools: Stake LP tokens and earn ROC. Users can take on more exposure to market fluctuations than the Staking Pools but earn higher APR to offset the risk.

With September 2022 fast approaching, the team is working hard on listing the ROC token on PancakeSwap as part of their plan to prove Rocket Raccoon is a transparent and trustworthy project with the potential for major growth in both user base size and market cap value. The team is now also inching closer to fulfilling all its milestones which will culminate into an excellent DeFi protocol for investors.

The team behind Rocketraccoon.us is making sure they are prepared for anything with an evolving platform and flexibility in mind when it comes to distributing ROC tokens. They also revealed that their token distribution strategy can be very flexible depending on the new user growth rate on Rocketraccoon.us, the demand for ROC tokens across the CEX and DEX sectors, the future crypto market conditions, as well as any major changes in the global DeFi landscape. They will also develop a new Chain called RocChain and will launch an exchange in the future.

Intending users must visit the following links for further information. 

Website | Twitter | Telegram 


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