Sensefolio launches the Sensefolio Hub to help investment professionals with accurate, transparent, and unbiased ESG data

Sensefolio officially launched Sensefolio Hub which track and assess 30,000+ companies ESG involvement with help of using Sensefolio’s NLP and Machine Learning Algorithms.

Chicago, Illinois, United States, 23rd Dec 2022 – Sensefolio, a leading alternative ESG data provider, officially launches Sensefolio Hub. As detailed on the website, Sensefolio Hub allows financial and investment professionals to manually add holdings, import entire inventory lists, or search for existing mutual funds. , or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Sensefolio Hub aims to be the ultimate one-stop ESG data platform, providing users with full transparency on his ESG of the companies in their portfolio. The Sensefolio Hub is home to ESG-related financial news, social media posts, company review websites, company annual reports, sustainability reports, and data on carbon emissions, gender differences, water/waste intensity per revenue, and more. We provide all the underlying company data, including ESG metrics.

“Professionals simply upload their portfolios and instantly receive ESG scores for each asset, along with all relevant information and underlying raw data”. said Sensefolio’s CTO Olivier Khatib.

Sensefolio Hub is useful and practical not only for financial and investment professionals, but also for PR firms and companies themselves. In fact, Sensefolio Hub can be used to track his company’s online image and reputation.

Communications Director Johnson & Johnson said “Sensefolio Hub is a great tool for tracking a brand’s online reputation and image in real time”. As a large company, it was very difficult to verify everything that was said about us on the internet. Now you can easily monitor it in one place and act accordingly through new policies and initiatives. 

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About Sensefolio

Since 2015, Sensefolio has been developing sophisticated models for machine learning and other AI. Corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives across 50+ criteria and 10,000+ data points, including but not limited to social media posts, financial news, annual reports and employee evaluation websites Algorithms to evaluate and monitor. Sensefolio currently evaluates over 30,000 of his companies, including over 10,000 of his private companies worldwide.

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