Sheet Sherpa: A Unique Excel Add-In for Next-Gen Spreadsheet Navigation is Available Now

For Microsoft Excel power users, Sheet Sherpa aims to make working in complex workbooks simpler and faster for spreadsheet engineers and analysts.

Sheet Sherpa - Excel Add-in that helping users maintain peak focus during Ecel work and save time.

Sheet Sherpa, an Excel add-in recently published in the Excel app store, helps power users maintain peak focus during spreadsheet engineering and analysis by facilitating swift, distraction-free transitions between sheets in a workbook.

Speaking to the media, Lee M. Gilley, the founder of Excel Engineering, the company behind Sheet Sherpa, said, “Sheet Sherpa started as an internal tool for our Excel consultants back in 2015. For our top Excel power users, Sheet Sherpa is a time-saving marvel which saves 13 full workdays of time per year – staggering results for such a simple tool.  It’s really about protecting the mental flowstate which is crucial for any knowledge worker. Allowing users to continue working uninterrupted without diverting their eyes, mouse, and focus every time they need to switch sheets is a game-changer”.

Sheet Sherpa enables a new keyboard shortcut which simplifies switching between recently active sheets. This might look like a small gain, but soon, it adds up to give a massive productivity boost to its users. Sheet Sherpa mimics the behavior of the ALT + Tab task switcher in Windows and Cmd + Tab on MacOS. 

See how real Sheet Sherpa users are using the add-in at:

Excel Engineering targets industries where Excel is a lifeline: consulting, financial services, and engineering. Sheet Sherpa is already catering to global Excel users, gaining positive reviews on the Microsoft marketplace. This add-in is garnering attention for its remarkable impact on productivity. 

Sheet Sherpa is FREE to get started. In less than 10 seconds, users can integrate it into their Excel by simply clicking File -> Get Add-ins -> searching “Sheet Sherpa.” 

“Sheet Sherpa is already making waves within the Excel community, experiencing unprecedented download rates and to commemorate the global success of Sheet Sherpa, we offer an opportunity that awaits interested users. By utilizing the promo code “SHERPAONE”, individuals can become a “Founding Member” and a substantial 50% discount on the monthly subscription for the first 1000 customers that remains valid indefinitely, and they will also get an exclusive custom theme” says Lee, the founder of the company.

To utilize this opportunity, interested parties can visit Sheet Sherpa. Join the power users who are using Sheet Sherpa and improving Excel proficiency.

About Excel Engineering:

As the newest verified publisher on the Microsoft Excel app store, Excel Engineering is on a mission to make mastering Excel a simpler journey. Originating in 2011 as a consultancy, the company quickly earned its stripes by undertaking custom Excel solutions and cloud integrations, amassing millions of dollars in commissions from industry giants like Shell, Dell, Harley-Davidson, banks, lenders, and private equity firms.

Throughout the past decade, Excel Engineering cultivated a portfolio of advanced tools initially reserved for their consultancy’s projects. In 2024, these powerful tools will be unveiled for Excel “power users” globally, transcending industry boundaries in financial services, consulting, and engineering.

Leading the charge is Sheet Sherpa, an Excel add-in designed to streamline sheet-switching. This is just the beginning as Excel Engineering gears up to release other innovative apps, including Flow Finder, an advanced dependency map offering a 2D visualization of formula connections, and Book Butler, a versatile workbook state configurator automating sheet and column management.

Excel Engineering’s journey is a testament to its evolution from consultancy excellence to empowering a broader audience with tools that redefine the Excel experience.

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