Snow Chain Revolution: Sneeuwkettingen4u Expands Triumphantly in Germany and Austria

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Apeldoorn, Drenthe, Netherlands, 30th Aug 2023 – After achieving remarkable success with since 2014, the Netherlands’ leading snow chain market player is extending its expertise to new frontiers., the newly launched platform, marks the brand’s strategic expansion into the German and Austrian markets.’s entry into these markets is a natural progression for a company that has long been synonymous with quality and customer-centricity. The company recognized its potential growth in Germany and Austria due to its distinct weather conditions and snow chain obligations.

What sets apart is its comprehensive range of nearly 50 snow chain options, including a pioneering advisory module developed in partnership with industry leaders Pewag and König. This module assists customers in identifying the perfect snow chains for their specific vehicle and tire size – a breakthrough innovation in the snow chain sector.

Responding to the dynamic currents of the market, is not merely content with meeting demand. It is shaping the future of snow chain solutions. The call for snow chains has amplified with the advent of electric vehicles and the revitalization of traditional fleets. Electric vehicles, in particular, require bespoke snow chain solutions, further amplified by an escalating interest in snow chains for motorhomes. As the allure of winter destinations beckons an increasing number of camping enthusiasts, stands at the forefront of this shift, offering tailored solutions catering to every vehicle type. Our seasoned team of experts is poised to provide tailored guidance and recommend the most suitable snow chain solution for each unique circumstance.

Mark van den Ing, the founder and owner of the company, underlines the commitment to customer satisfaction: “To provide immediate, knowledgeable support during peak seasons, we’ve introduced a live chat feature manned by our snow chain experts. This ensures rapid responses for both Dutch and German-speaking customers.”

The company has established warehouses in Germany for optimized delivery times, enabling most of the product range to be dispatched on the same working day. is not solely focused on consumers; it’s also addressing the needs of business customers in Germany and Austria. The platform offers an expanding range of snow chains for tour buses and trucks and is actively working toward solutions for tractors and other specialized vehicles.

As celebrates its introduction to Germany and Austria, the brand’s gaze is fixed on the horizon. Plans include launching a webshop in France by 2025, potentially expanding into Italy and Spain. The overarching goal is clear: establish as the premier snow chain specialist across Europe.

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