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SwapSights Unveils Revolutionary All-in-One Trading Platform, Empowering Traders with Insights, Analytics, and Tools

King Newswire

Canada, 18th Sep 2023, King NewsWireSwapSights proposes an all in one trading platform, providing its users with insights & analytics on trades as well as an ensemble of trading tools designed to make trading both more efficient and more profitable.SIGHTS Token is the native currency of the SwapSights platform.

Insights, Analytics & Trading Tools: The SwapSights platform provides its users with both the analytics and the trading tools required to become a better trader. Users may choose between the Basic Plan and the Elite Plan depending on their level of trading experience.

The Basic Plan offers the following Insights, Analytics & Trading Tools:

  • Access to all of SwapSights Analytics & Insights Tech

Profit & Loss (P&L)

  • Best & Worst Trade Stats
  • Access to SwapSight LeaderBoard
  • Access to SwapSights Trading Competitions
  • Category Based Success Rates

The Elite Plan offers the following Insights, Analytics & Trading Tools:

Everything Included in the Basic Plan +

  • Access to the SwapSights Trading Tools Software
  • Includes: Sniper Programs, Bots and more
  • Access to the SwapSights Portfolio Management Software
  • Includes: Custom Tailored trading plans & portfolio management specific to your trading style.

Pricing & Revenue: Both the Basic Plan and the Elite Plan are offered at 39$/month. Accessing the Elite Plan also requires a minimum token holding amount. A 0.25% trading fee is collected on all trades executed via the SwapSights platform. The subscription & trading fee revenues are shared with holders as described in the section below.

SIGHTS Token: The SIGHTS Token is the native currency of the SwapSights trading platform. Holding SIGHTS Token in your crypto or DeFi wallet allows you to receive revenue benefits as well as unlock the SwapSights Elite Trading Plan. 50% of all revenue generated via subscriptions & trading fees is shared directly with SIGHTS Token holders. These royalties are airdropped directly to holders’ wallets on a bi-weekly basis. In order to access the Elite Plan, users must hold xx SIGHTS Tokens in their wallet. In this way, a constant demand is created for the token.

Conclusion: The SwapSights platform provides valuable insights & tools to its users. This first of a kind, all inclusive platform is also providing everyone and anyone the opportunity to partake in its success, simply by holding SIGHTS Token in a DeFi or Crypto wallet.

Social Links:

Website: https://swapsights.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/swapsights

Telegram: https://t.me/SwapSights

Media Contact

Organization: SwapSights

Contact Person: Maximus W.

Website: https://swapsights.com/

Email: Team@swapsights.com

Country: Canada

Release Id: 1809236444

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