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The Fabricant launch Wholeland: The Ultimate Digital Fashion Experience

Amsterdam, Netherlands The, 22nd Jan 2023, King NewsWireThe Fabricant is thrilled to announce the launch of Wholeland, the ultimate digital fashion experience. The Fabricant, founded in 2018, has gained global prominence for its world-leading craftsmanship in digital fashion and sold the first digital garment on blockchain for $9,500 (54 ETH).

Wholeland is a seven-chapter journey of self-discovery that features digital couture, augmented reality wearables, co-creation, fashion shows, metaverse meet-ups, and airdrops. This exclusive experience can only be accessed by minting one of The Fabricant’s XXories AR facewear. Through The Fabricant’s website, anyone can apply to join the waitlist for a XXorie from the seven-piece collection of daring digital facewear.

“WHOLELAND puts digital craftsmanship front and centre and fully expresses The Fabricant’s Web3 punk aesthetic and attitude”, Kerry Murphy, Co-Founder & CEO, The Fabricant

The opening chapter of Wholeland provides multiple interaction points for users, including the XXories, the Kappers, The Looks, secret drops, and ground-breaking collaborations with digital artists and innovative brands. The company has raised $14M in Series A funding this year through collaborations with physical brands such as Off-White, Adidas, and World of Women. The ultimate objective is to immerse participants in the Wholeland metaverse, a digital fashion world with intricately crafted visual narratives.

All and sundry can Sign up for the waitlist to gain access to the most innovative Web3 fashion experience when the minting of XXories begins in February. This launch is the latest step in The Fabricant’s mission to redefine craftsmanship in the virtual space. The Fabricant is committed to creating a sustainable and equitable fashion industry in which everyone thrives. 

About The Fabricant

The Fabricant is a digital-only couture house that splices fashion with tech to redefine craftsmanship for the virtual space. It was founded in 2018 from a desire to sabotage the fashion world’s cultural complacency and reimagine what fashion could be as an entirely non-physical experience. Through its co-creation platform, it leads a digital fashion revolution that puts creators first and is committed to building a sustainable and equitable fashion industry where everybody thrives.

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