ThriveAudio Announces the Launch of Advanced Audio Technology Product Mobile Studio S1.

California, United States, 25th Jun 2024 – ThriveAudio emerges as a pioneer in the realm of new audio technology brands, unveiling its groundbreaking creation, the Mobile Studio S1 in May.

The newly launched ThriveAudio Mobile Studio S1 is a new species in audio consumer electronic and is not only a normal earbuds with a charging case. It is defined as a “Mobile Studio” and is the World’s First Integrated Pro Mic & Wireless IEMs Functions Portable Music LivePods. It is consisted by two parts: ‘the Host(which was easily misunderstood that is a charging case), ‘the LivePods(two earbuds). 

The Host of Mobile Studio S1 has A1 SoC Chip with 30ms Ultra-Low latency which can transfer the charging case into a super host–unleash everyone’s infinite creation, and it has F10 PRO Mic enables 16-bit 48 kHz ultra-clear audio recording, capturing every frame of voice. Meanwhile, the host of Mobile Studio S1 has Audio Interface which offer users four sound effects at their fingertips, it means experience extraordinary and magical sounds instantly in their ear, just one-click of the Host Button. What’s more, the host and the LivePods consists of a wireless monitor system when singing it is a real-time monitoring experience.

The LivePods of Mobile Studio S1 also has the TWS function, enabling users to make calls or listen to the music. ThriveAudio has increased the wireless audio transmission rate of Mobile Studio S1 to a higher degree -up to 48kHz. This enhancement has improved the frequency response with many music producers for a sound balance seldom achieved by wireless earbuds, akin to putting a sound studio in one’s ears to experience studio-quality sound. What’s more, adhering to the ergonomic design concept, the ear tips of Mobile Studio S1 are perfectly shaped to fit the public’s ear canals and are very comfortable to wear. Its carefully selected first-class production materials can protect the health of the ears.

Mobile Studio S1 integrates four functional modules including “TWS”, “Wireless Microphone”, “IEMs” and “Built-in DSP Interface”, which is equivalent to a complete recording studio equipment. It can sing, record, and stream, and is super portable in size.

Singing: Users can hold the Mobile Studio S1 Host which has a built-in Wireless Mic , wear Mobile Studio S1 LivePods, select their preferred sound effects

Recording: ThriveAudio Mobile Studio S1 enables real-time audio monitoring, saving time on reworks during video shoots, but also supports live recording with accompaniment, capturing clear vocals and accompaniment.

Live-streaming: When doing outdoor live-streaming, it can easily be overwhelming with too many recording devices. Mobile Studio S1 can simplifie the process and carry a ThriveAudio Mobile Studio S1 can fulfill all requirements.

About the company:
ThriveAudio is dedicated to pioneering innovation in audio technology, specializing in the creation of compact, powerful, and affordable music and audio production products. Whether it’s singing at home or outdoors, shooting vlog videos in the bustling city streets, recording songs or live-streaming at a studio, every soul can find their own stage to unleash their passion. It wishes to enable every musician and creator to freely create anytime, anywhere. The brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence is exemplified through its continual development of cutting-edge audio solutions that redefine industry standards. The Mobile Studio S1 exemplifies ThriveAudio’s commitment to innovation. With its cutting-edge features and benefits, this device sets a new benchmark in audio technology.

As the information from ThriveAudio official announce that the price of the Mobile Studio S1 is $149.99 on the Amazon: For more information about the new product, please visit the brand’s official website:

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