TwoFaced Bands Combines the Apple Watch and Garmin in one Band

With this watch band, athletes can wear both the Apple Watch and the Garmin on one wrist

California, United States, 25th Jun 2024 – TwoFaced Bands is a unique fitness wearable – a watch band that seamlessly accommodates both Apple and Garmin fitness watches. Crafted by two women who are passionate about fitness in their converted dining room office, the product launched on Kickstarter on June 9, 2024. This pair of older athletes is attracting attention not only for this innovative solution but also for proving that creativity and innovation have no age limit.

Many endurance athletes rely heavily on data for their training, and with half a billion runners worldwide, the market for sports watches is immense. Additionally, more than 25% of the US population wears a smart wearable device of some form. As triathletes and runners in Southern California, Teri and Angela observed that many athletes wore two watches. Garmin watches excel in training metrics, performance stats, and battery life. On the other hand, Apple Watches offer features like cellular connectivity, Apple Pay, and the security of sharing your location during training. 

“We investigated further and found that many athletes owned two watches but often left one behind,” says Teri who also owns both an Apple Watch and a Garmin. “As a result, athletes were consistently missing out on valuable data.”

The idea for TwoFaced Bands was born over a conversation at Friendsgiving dinner. Teri always relied on her Apple Watch during the day and her Garmin for training or racing, so she was familiar with the frustration of missing out on crucial data. When she shared her idea to create a band for both watches, Angela was inspired to turn this into a reality.

Designing the perfect band was a complex challenge. Garmin offers six different models of fitness watches – each available in up to three sizes. Apple Watches also come in three sizes. This required a design that accommodated numerous components and combinations. Additionally, it was crucial to ensure the bands didn’t cover any sensors. To guarantee quality and durability, Angela and Teri used solid stainless steel connectors and avoided spring pins whenever possible.

This pair of unlikely inventors is entering their third act of life with a new passion. By developing TwoFaced Bands, they’re ensuring that endurance athletes get the most out of their smart wearables. Owners of a TwoFaced Band can enjoy the training data and long battery life of a Garmin without giving up the music, cellular, and ApplePay functionalities of their Apple Watch.

About TwoFaced Bands

TwoFaced Bands are athletic watch bands that make it possible to wear an Apple Watch and a Garmin on the same wrist. With a TwoFaced Band, wearers can enjoy the fitness data and battery life of the Garmin without giving up the music, cellular, and safety features of the Apple Watch. 



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