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Udimi Alternative for Solo Ads Revealed by WebTrafficToolkit

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Top alternatives to Udimi solo ads have been unveiled by WebTrafficToolkit, a digital marketing blog that specializes in email list building.

United Kingdom, 10th Aug 2022, King NewsWire, According to WebTrafficToolkit, solo ads traffic can be hard to get sales with, especially for newbies. The conversions can be fairly low compared to other forms of website traffic.

Udimi is the main marketplace that solo ads vendors use to sell their traffic. Whilst there are some great sellers on there, many beginners will struggle to convert their leads into paying customers.

The WebTrafficToolkit digital marketing website has therefore revealed it’s top Udimi alternative for solo ads as well as tips on how to make Udimi itself work better for users.

As part of the post, WebTrafficToolkit also unveiled a clever No1 Alternative to Solo Ads at

According to this recently published information, these are the top recommendations for the alternative approaches:

  • Don’t just use solo ads “vendors”

The best buyer traffic is likely to be from people who are not advertising the fact that they sell solo ads. This involves contacting website owners directly and see if they will sell you an advertisement. Perhaps other forms of advertising such as banner ads will be available as well.

This Udimi alternative for solo ads traffic will be fresher than typical vendor subscribers that get recycled over and over again across hundreds of different lists.

  • Buyer Solo Ads on Udimi

Look for sellers on Udimi who have the same customers coming back time and time again to order large numbers of clicks.

Don’t rely on the “sales percentage” figures, but look for members who frequently appear in the Udimi “Movers and Shakers” leaderboards. They tend to buy from the same 2 or 3 vendors over and over again, so they must be getting sales to be able to afford to do so.

  • Use a Solo Ads Agency

Instead of using solo ads providers, use solo ads agencies such as TrafficForMe. They do initial testing of the solo ads providers before accepting to work with them. Some of them may well sell on as well, but it will be the top ones that have passed the vetting process at Traffic For Me.

  • Get Free Traffic

Instead of buying traffic, to try to get your own free traffic with blog posts (on your own website) and YouTube videos .The sales conversion rates are much higher with free traffic, but it is harder and takes longer to get.

The conversions are higher because the visitor is actively searching for the information via keywords on Google and YouTube and are therefore already interested in what you are offering. Your own content also acts as a presell before they see your paid offer.

With a final word on free traffic, WebTrafficToolkit remarks that “it is, however, much easier and quicker to build your email list by buying solo ads clicks. You just need a way to quickly monetize your leads so you can break even and continue to invest and grow your list.”

The full list of solo ads alternatives, as well as the new #1 recommendation, can be found at

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