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Unlock the Future: Invest in BLove Token and Join the Staking Revolution!


The BLove Token’s initial distribution occurs through a three-round Initial Token Offering (ITO), with the remaining tokens allocated according to specified ratios. In essence, the ITO is a token version of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), providing a fundraising and token distribution platform for new ventures. A segment of BLV tokens will be distributed through two ITO phases, each conducted at different times with internal pricing.

Unlock the Future: Invest in BLove Token and Join the Staking Revolution!


The total circulation number of BLV tokens is 3,700,000,000 (3.7 Billion BLV Tokens).


BVL Staking : investors in BLove Token stand to benefit from engaging in the BLove Network’s mobile application staking program. Through this program, users can stake their BLV tokens, receiving daily payouts with a 1% staking incentive. Staking becomes a user-friendly and convenient method for BLove Token holders to earn passive incentives while actively contributing to the community’s development.


The BLove Network app, designed for easy use, serves as a central platform for community engagement and staking. BLV Token holders who stake their tokens actively contribute to the community’s growth and stability, enjoying various incentives. Stakers on the BLove Network can earn a daily staking reward of 1% of the staked amount. The staked principal remains locked for 500 days and is eligible for a 5x incentive, inclusive of the staked principal. Users can re-stake BLV tokens after their initial staking is flushed with 5x incentives, and higher daily incentives can be achieved faster through Referral-Based Community Engagement (RCE) incentives.



BLV Token initiates with an extensive supply of 3 trillion tokens, primarily allocated for staking incentives. However, the tokenomics strategy establishes a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens. To maintain scarcity within this capped supply, a systematic burning mechanism is implemented, with 10% of the current supply burned monthly. Over time, a comprehensive burn event is scheduled to eliminate the surplus supply, adhering to the prescribed maximum supply cap of 2 billion BLV tokens.



About B-Love Token


The BLove Token (BLV), operating on the BFIC Blockchain, stands out as a secure and scalable cryptocurrency developed by BlockHub Ltd., an innovative IT firm dedicated to pioneering technological advancements. The collaboration between BlockHub and BFIC ensures a robust blockchain infrastructure for BLV, leveraging BFIC’s renowned technology. The BLV Token, designed with a substantial initial supply, implements a burn mechanism to continually reduce its total supply, fostering fairness and transparency in distribution. The BLove Network mobile application offers users the opportunity to stake BLV tokens, earning a daily 1% staking reward and contributing to community growth. With a clear roadmap and commitment to innovation, BLove Token presents an enticing investment opportunity with its unique features and strategic partnerships.

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Organization: B-Love Token

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Country: United Arab Emirates

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