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Upstreman Revolutionizes Home Cooling with Three Cutting-edge Mini Fridge Models: BR-321, FR-17, and BD-321

Upstreman, the distinguished home appliances company known for seamlessly blending quality and affordability, is making waves in the market with the launch of its latest line of innovative mini fridge models: BR-321, FR-17, and BD-321. These compact refrigeration solutions are poised to redefine convenience in dorms, offices, and bedrooms.

New Mini Fridge Models Designed for Modern Living

BR-321 Mini Fridge with Freezer:

Embodying sleekness and efficiency, the BR-321 Mini Fridge is purpose-built for compact spaces. Boasting a 3.2 cubic feet capacity, this fridge measures 18.7″ (W) x 17.4″ (D) x 33.1″ (H). The adjustable thermostat, operating between 33.8 F to 46.4 F, ensures optimal cooling.

Energy Efficiency: Awarded a 5-star rating, operating at just 38 dB.

Stylish Design: Featuring a black exterior with adjustable legs and a reversible door.

Practical Storage: Equipped with a manual defrost system, crisper drawer, and removable shelves for customizable storage.

FR-17 Mini Fridge with Freezer:

Tailored for small living spaces, the FR-17 Mini Fridge offers a compact design with a 1.7 cubic feet capacity. Measuring 18.9″ (W) x 17.7″ (D) x 19.3″ (H), this fridge features an adjustable thermostat ranging from 33.8 F to 46.4 F.

Energy Efficiency: Holds a 5-star Energy Star rating, operating at 38 dB.

Eco-Friendly: Utilizes R600a refrigerant, minimizing environmental impact.

Compact Design: Black exterior, reversible door, and suitable for tabletop installation.

BD-321 Mini Fridge with Freezer:

Exemplifying functionality and efficiency for personal spaces, the BD-321 Mini Fridge boasts a double-door design and a 3.2 cubic feet capacity. Measuring 17.9″ (W) x 19.7″ (D) x 34.1″ (H), it offers customizable storage solutions.

Dual Compartment: 2.2 cubic feet cooling compartment and 1 cubic foot freezer.

Temperature Control: Selectable temperatures between 33.8 F and 46.4 F for cooling, -0.4 F for the freezer.

Versatile Design: Reversible doors, adjustable balancing leg, removable door seals.

Upstreman’s Commitment to Quality

Upstreman reinforces its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction with a one-year worry-free service, ensuring reliability and durability in these sleek appliances.

For more information on Upstreman’s revolutionary mini fridge models, please visit Upstreman’s Official Website.

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