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US-based ‘Reputation House’ Sets Ambitious Plans for European Market at Web Summit 2023

Following its success in the USA, Hong Kong, and the UAE, Reputation House is planning to expand its operations to the European market in 2024

United States, 14th Nov 2023 – The convergence of the pandemic and digitalization in the European region has intensified the growing interest in Online Reputation Management services. Projections indicate that the global online reputation management market is expected to reach a remarkable $3.4 billion (€3.2 billion) by 2030. Experts in the field affirm that a substantial 44 percent of a company’s value is directly linked to its robust reputation.

“The permanent digital transformation of the whole European region, with countries like Portugal, France, Germany, UK and Italy in the lead, is ushering in cyber threats while presenting new opportunities for specialized technology companies to establish themselves in the market. At Web Summit 2023, we are wholeheartedly committed to contributing to the European success story. Here, we see an urgent need to address online reputation management for both the public and private sectors,” said Nikita Prokhorov, Co-founder and Managing Director of Reputation House.


Nikita Prokhorov, Co-founder and Managing Director of Reputation House

Nikita Prokhorov will share his expertise and insights on current trends and challenges in online reputation management during his keynote presentation at 11:45 am on November 16th at Stage #8. Moreover, he will present strategies and professional tips to enhance a business’s digital presence.

Nikita stated, “The ORM industry is evolving rapidly to keep pace with the ever-changing digital world. To remain competitive, companies must adapt quickly, utilize cutting-edge technology, and create innovative solutions. The ability to seize opportunities and adapt to change is key to leadership in the dynamic field of reputation management, as well as in any other industry.”

Reputation House, one of the global top 5 online reputation management companies, is ready to discuss why and how online reputation management has the potential to capture a significant market share by 2030. The Reputation House team will also showcase their innovative solutions at Web Summit Lisbon 2023 at booth #0202-24.

Web Summit 2023 will host one of the world’s largest technology events, connecting people and ideas that are changing the world. Web Summit’s mission has always been to create software that enables meaningful connections between CEOs, founders, investors, media, politicians, and cultural figureheads who are reshaping the world.

About Reputation House: 

Reputation House, based in the USA, is one of the world’s leading online reputation management agencies with offices in the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and US. For over 10 years we have secured online reputation for more than 1000 international companies that include governments, corporations, companies, NGOs, and individuals.

Reputation House is known for its expertise in enhancing and safeguarding online reputation, developing AI software to monitor, analyze and timely respond to mentions on the Internet, such as Reputation House App for large-scale online data analysis and My Reputation App for small businesses and personal use.

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