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uShark aims to become the biggest bridge between cryptocurrencies and startups through a revolutionary business model.

uShark enhances the union of two great markets. The newly established platform ushers in the start of a new era by weaving today’s most profitable markets into a single token: startups and cryptocurrencies.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 26th May 2022, King NewsWire, uShark intends to invest in startups while they are still in the early stages of development. The participants will be chosen based on the recommendations of Cubo Itau, the biggest hub of startups in LATAM, accelerator center, Fortune Israel Hub and their KPIS analyzed by alumni angels from Harvard Business School. Investors will be able to vote on which firms will get the first investments starting in September.

Supported by GCC( Gulf Cooperation Council) , the platform has already received US$ 2.2 million in investments in its first months of operation, and it is expected to receive US$ 20 million by August. The initial token sale will occur during this time, with cash raised towards acquisitions in up to 50 different firms. Ushark is an innovative business model that proposes to change the narratives of the market status quo in a universe where holders of Ushark become major investors, enabling them to have returns according to the growth of the startup portfolio. 

Recently, uShark, a platform for investing in companies using crypto assets, has gained significant respect. The private equity firm ushark Investment LLP, which accesses the platform’s resources and distributes them to entrepreneurs, has been registered with the SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission).

Furthermore, it offers a highly scalable global ecosystem to the crypto industry. Ushark is a pioneer in the new way of investing, building infinite possibilities for promising and innovative businesses and challenging significant investment funds. A universe where the enormous multiples of the market meet develop a highly scalable global business.

The starting value of the USH token is $0.015, and the minimum deposit is $100. The significant benefit of using blockchain technology to generate funds is that it allows investors worldwide to participate. These funds are only changed to dollars after reaching a private equity fund that has achieved SEC registration. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States is the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission’s equivalent (CVM). In the coming years, Ushark has a long-term roadmap that includes the possibility for entrepreneurs to present their projects on a startup launchpad, supported globally by successful entrepreneurs. 

Established by Brazilians hailing from United States and Unted Arab Emirates, debuting in March, the platform functions as a crowdfunding platform: investors may purchase tokens that act like shares in an investment pool, with funds going to prospective entrepreneurs. Ushark desires to impact lives around the world through entrepreneurship and technology, helping underprivileged people acquire the worldview of great entrepreneurs. The community of Ushark comes from an era of excellence and innovation, and they aspire to turn ordinary and financially vulnerable people into actual market sharks.

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