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Walking Enigmas – A Highly Motivating and Engaging Book Empowering Young People About a Lesson of Human Chess

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The book focuses on motivating and empowering young people, published by a renowned author.

United States, 20th Sep 2022, King NewsWire, A renowned author, Tyris McKnight, has been in the writing profession for over five years and has recently launched a crime novel based in New Orleans, Walking Enigma. The book is about people with layers and layers of mystery to them that no one can comprehend, not even the people closest to them, due to the definition of an enigma as something mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to grasp. The book is highly relatable and has, therefore, garnered the attention of many people. A reputable TM Publishing company will publish the book on 14th November 2022. The story revolves around a man named Theodore Milton playing the game of chess with ruthlessness, having no compassion or pity for others.


Theodore Milton was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to a father who once ruled the underground economy before he was assassinated. Theodore has stepped into his father’s shoes and has taken up the crown of the underground kingdom where he left off. It has been emphasized in the book how human beings are trying to understand their loved ones’ actions by getting a deeper understanding of their motives. The author has used his creative skills to pen down the story in his style, keeping the readers engaged throughout the book. The author also highlights that the human mind is selfish and that an individual is reluctant to admit the self-absorbed nature and the need to have an advantage over the ones that people tend to love. In the book, he points out that every individual on earth is playing a game of chess and striving to survive at all costs. 

Moreover, the story portrays the truth of human honesty by leaving a mark that this world will remember since it is about the reality of the human mind. According to the story, every human in this world is striving to leave behind a legacy that will keep him alive in the hearts of everyone. Since the book has unfolded many truths of the human mind, the book has become one of the best-selling novels with positive feedback from the readers.

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