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Wegros – the WE Community – is planned to be launched at the end of November 2022

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Dalware, United States, 21st Oct 2022, King NewsWire, Wegros is a cutting-edge platform that connects product and service providers, particularly in the healthy and organic products space, allowing consumers to buy quickly, securely, and affordably. It is made up of us – the WE Community – who are the platform’s buyers, sellers, and gainers. Each member of the community will receive WES incentives from both their personal purchases and those made by the community. Members of the community will receive WES bonuses up to the 30th level deep. Furthermore, the incentive is available with premium membership for $9 per year.

The platform will be launched at the end of November 2022. Hence, interested parties can use the platform to connect to Wegros team’s Matrix Marketing methodology. With its unique WE idea, this platform serves as a link between manufacturers and customers. The goal behind the WE concept is to turn all of us into buyers, sellers, and gainers all at once on the same platform.

Furthermore, Wegros provides a possibility for users to form their own community and earn lifetime income from community purchases. All Wegros platform users will receive WES bonuses, which can be exchanged for WES tokens. It offers an effective Blockchain-based platform for creating an effective product tracking, payment, and security system. It will be the eCommerce marketplace of the future. On the platform, the payment will not be in WES token. Respecting the legislation and regulations of the countries in which Wegros will operate, all transactions will be conducted in the appropriate country’s currency. All bonuses will be delivered as WES bonuses in the system. There will be the option to exchange WES bonuses for platform-provided products.

Why to join Wegros?

Most eCommerce sites only sell products, but consumers receive no benefits from their own purchases or the purchases of their friends and community. Wegros provides an option for any platform user to create a community and earn bonuses from the community’s purchases. Wegros envisions easing the online buying process by allowing customers to shop across a unified eCommerce Marketplace, where they will acquire organic and quality products and a transparent system where they may create financial freedom for their future and the future of their family.

The latest approach to community development is Matrix Marketing.  You will be able to invite family and friends to register on the platform. They will have the same chance as you, and you will receive WES bonuses up to the 30th level of your community. WES bonuses can be exchanged for products on the platform also converted to WES tokens, which can then be used as a unit of exchange on the popular exchange platforms. 

Media Contact

Organization: Wegros LLC

Contact Person: Sanan Hasanov


Phone: +15717624014


City: Dalware

Country: United States

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