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Xcavator – A project with a very innovative idea, Token being listed on CoinsBit, Trading Starts From 7 June 2022

Kingstown, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines, 3rd Jun 2022, King NewsWire, We at Xcavator are excited to announce that our native token XCA is successfully listed on coinsbit.io. 

The Xcavator (XCA) token is a project backed by real-world assets i.e. mining farms that will generate real-world revenue through mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies. XCA is a very unique token with an in-built price appreciation mechanism.

There is a limited supply of 51 million XCA tokens. All funds from the token sale will be used to set up crypto mining farms and the revenue will be generated through mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

From the mining revenue, approximately 50% will be used to buy our own tokens from the market through various crypto exchanges at market prices and burn them with proof of burn. The remaining 50% of the mining revenue will be used to expand the crypto mining farm which will generate additional mining hashing power, which will further increase our profits in the future.

Xcavator (XCA) is being listed on Coinbit.io, a top crypto exchange where it can be traded. Coinsbit is the same portal where we successfully hosted and completed our IEO sale last month. It is a reliable trading platform that offers low commissions, multi-support, robust security, and open API to businesses and individual traders.

Now when the XCA is listed on Coinsbit, buying, selling, and exchanging XCA tokens will be much easier. Additionally, users will be able to take all the benefits of Coinsbit. From security to investment and from safely exchanging to instant trade users will experience the top-notch services.

Most of the popular cryptocurrencies like ETC, Dodge, BNB, BCH, etc are also listed on Coinsbit and it makes exchanging one into another hassle-free. Users will have the option to trade XCA with USDT. 

To invest or trade in XCA users have to visit coinsbit.io and have to create an account there. After that, users will have to verify their email and sign in to the platform. Now users have to complete KYC as per the norms. After the KYC is complete the user has to load or transfer USDT into their coinsbit.io wallet. Now users will have to find the XCA/USDT pair in the spot trading. After opening the XCA/USDT trading page, you can buy or trade XCA tokens as per your wish. 

XCA is a unique token and it represents mining power that can be sold later at much higher prices resulting in more returns on your investment compared to a normal mining income. Check the XCA listing and Buy XCA tokens now!!

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