Data Security and Patient Care Unite with Medifakt

Estonia, 16th Nov 2023 – The story of project: Medifakt represents a collaborative effort involving AKTHealth, a Healthcare Consulting firm specializing in Clinical Research, Commercial Strategies, and Consulting & Interakt, a Blockchain-based Technology company engaged in a diverse range of projects within the decentralized space, including CeFi, DeFi Exchanges, Dapps, and gaming. This initiative draws upon the expertise of both healthcare and technology specialists, forming the core of its development.

The Medifakt platform, unlike any other, enables and supports the transfer, storage, interpretation, second opinion, and artificial intelligence-based evaluation of medical data and images across a wide spectrum of subtherapeutic areas and medical specialties.

This collaborative effort draws upon the expertise of both healthcare and technology professionals, forming the foundation for the development of Medifakt and related ventures.

Data Security and Patient Care Unite with Medifakt

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Investing in Medifakt offers a compelling opportunity driven by the decentralization of diagnostic services. This innovative platform focuses on trust, speed, and cost-efficiency for both patients and healthcare providers, addressing the limitations of current systems, which are often slow, inefficient, and expensive for patients. Leveraging blockchain technology, Medifakt ensures highly secure, decentralized sharing of medical images. Smart contracts enable the automation of processes, ensuring image validity and maintaining an audit trail without the need for third-party intermediaries.

Traditional telemedicine, clinical trial transfers, and second opinion services involve intermediaries who handle the transfer of medical imaging data, transaction verification, and record-keeping. These intermediaries add cost, insecurity, and unnecessary overhead to the process. With blockchain technology, there’s no requirement to compensate third-party intermediaries for simply transmitting images. Through cryptography and smart contracts, all medical imaging data transfers are secured and verified, enhancing the efficiency and security of the process.


Medifakt also addresses Electronic Health Records (EHR), offering a modular architecture that prioritizes confidentiality, resilience, flexibility, and scalability. EHR data, which includes critical patient information, is private and sensitive, necessitating careful management.

The platform’s patient-centric approach aims to establish partnerships among practitioners, patients, and their families to align decisions with patients’ preferences and experiences. It goes beyond just treatment, consistently considering the patient’s perspective throughout the healthcare journey.

Medifakt extends its impact to supply chain management in healthcare, effectively managing resources and delivering goods and services to providers and patients while safeguarding the interests of various stakeholders.

Clinical Data Management (CDM) is a critical aspect of Medifakt, ensuring the collection and management of research data according to regulatory standards. This process leads to high-quality, reliable, and statistically sound data from clinical trials, adhering to federal, state, and local regulations.

Additionally, Medifakt incorporates medical chatbots powered by AI to enhance connectivity between patients, insurance companies, and healthcare providers. These chatbots have the potential to revolutionize healthcare by offering efficient and convenient communication methods and may become primary care facilitators in the near future.

The main mission of Medifakt


Medifakt’s goal is to offer a secure, reliable, and efficient platform for storing and sharing medical imaging data, addressing the inherent challenges and limitations of conventional storage methods. By employing cutting-edge encryption and redundancy measures, along with advanced error correction techniques, Medifakt ensures the integrity and accessibility of this critical healthcare information for the benefit of patients, providers, and AI companies.

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