Revolutionizing Healthcare with Medifakt’s Decentralized Blockchain

Estonia, 16th Nov 2023 – About the project: The narrative behind Medifakt is one of collaboration, bringing together the domains of healthcare and technology. AKTHealth, a healthcare consulting firm with a focus on Clinical Research, Commercial Strategies, and Consulting, has joined forces with Interakt, a Blockchain-based Technology company with a portfolio spanning various decentralized projects, including CeFi, DeFi Exchanges, Dapps, and gaming. This union leverages the combined expertise of healthcare and technology specialists, serving as the cornerstone of Medifakt’s development.

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Medifakt's Decentralized Blockchain

What sets Medifakt apart is its pioneering platform, designed to facilitate the transfer, storage, interpretation, second opinions, and AI-driven evaluation of medical data and images across a diverse range of subtherapeutic areas and medical specialties. This unique approach stems from the collaboration of healthcare and technology experts, forming the bedrock of Medifakt’s innovation and its distinctive contribution to the industry.


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Medifakt offers a compelling opportunity in the decentralized diagnostic services sector, emphasizing trust, speed, and cost-efficiency. It utilizes blockchain technology for secure, direct sharing of medical images, eliminating the need for costly intermediaries. The platform also addresses Electronic Health Records (EHR) with a modular architecture, ensuring privacy and sensitive data handling.

Medifakt adopts a patient-centric approach, fostering partnerships between practitioners, patients, and their families. It aims to align healthcare decisions with patient preferences. The project extends to supply chain management, efficiently handling resources while safeguarding stakeholders’ interests.


Clinical Data Management (CDM) is another essential aspect, ensuring high-quality, compliant data collection for clinical research. Medifakt also integrates AI-powered medical chatbots for efficient patient-provider communication, potentially revolutionizing primary care.

What problems solve the project?

Medifakt is dedicated to addressing the needs of patients, healthcare providers, and AI companies through its innovative platform. The core of Medifakt revolves around establishing a secure network for the remote storage and sharing of medical imaging data, which deviates from the conventional approach of relying on providers or third-party hosts such as telemedicine companies.

Medifakt’s approach to medical imaging data storage is underpinned by four pivotal strategies, each designed to ensure the safety and reliability of this data.


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