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Gummys Paving the Way for Web3 Content Adoption

King Newswire

Switzerland, 13th Sep 2022, King NewsWire, GUMMYS, has demonstrated its substantially loftier ambitions to open up new opportunities for Web3 content creation and distribution. 

Gummys, a WEB 3.0-powered video and streaming platform, aims to be the place where people can talk freely about crypto, NFT, and all the building blocks of the next iteration of the internet.

“This technology is strongly validated in the crypto space from protocols and big projects such as Chainlink hackathon 2022, Filecoin, Polygon Studios, CV VC, and Lens/AAVE protocol cohort 1 “The Saplings”, Pasquale Sorrentino, Gummys CEO and Founder, added.

Gummys had a number of significant events as well as news to share out. These included:

  • Incubation program with CV VC in CV Labs

This is a unique opportunity for the Gummys team to work closely together with the sharpest minds and great blockchain founders with a 10 weeks incubation program. 

  • Chainlink Spring 2022 hackathon

Gummys took first place in the Filecoin — Storage Wizard category, beating out several other promising DeFi and GameFi projects.

  • Lens Grants Program by Lens Protocol

Gummys was selected from among a range of potential projects from the DeFi, gaming, and Web3 industries to receive a development grant from Lens Protocol, and will build out certain functionalities of its social video platform on Lens going forward.

Other important hackathons and programs where Gummys participated:

  • BUIDL IT Hackathon by Polygon
  • Startup with Chainlink Program
  • Web3athon Hackathon, powered by HackerEarth

Gummys has also entered into strategic partnerships in 2022 with talented projects like Unstoppable DomainsPolygon StudiosFilecoin, and Attrace

Gummys’ another big story in 2022 was a celebration of investments from CV VC (Crypto Valley Venture Capital), early-stage venture capital investor with a focus on global startups that build solutions using blockchain technology. 

The team has raised $350K in pre-seed to develop key features of the platform like the storing video metadata on the blockchain, making the platform censorship resistant, minting video as NFT. In the next few months Gummys will open its seed round.

Pasquale Sorrentino, Founder of Gummys, says: “I am super enthusiastic about the future and upcoming developments of Gummys. We are acquiring great Web3 content creators and partners everyday, and I look forward to rolling out Gummys fully live.”

Gummys’ vision is positioned to become the underlying infrastructure for a truly decentralized content and communication network while working together with Web3 companies all around the globe to fulfill their full decentralization purpose in regard to content creation and distribution.

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