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A quick start guide for Imginn and other social media backup tools has been published by the SumoDash technology blog.

London, United Kingdom, 24th Aug 2022, King NewsWire, Imginn is a popular tool for backing up social media content. Because of the recent buzz surrounding Imginn and other similar tools, technology blog SumoDash has decided to publish is own quick start guide.

The first thing that SumoDash is keen to highlight is the optional first step of using a trusted Virtual Private Network (VPN) before making use of online download tools.

In this recent publication, a recommendation was also revealed for their No.1 Proven & Trusted VPN Provider.

“Whilst most social media backup tools state that they offer safe & anonymous downloads, it can be a good idea to connect to a VPN before using the service,” said a spokesperson for SumoDash. “It means you are on the safe side in getting the combined benefits of anonymity, threat protection, and the blocking of the most intrusive forms of advertising.”

In reference to Imginn and other online tools, SumoDash identifies the main steps involved in backing up online content from social media.

“In most cases you simply enter in your account username into a search box, select the type of content you want to backup, and then download the files to the hard drive of your computer or mobile device. The services will only work with public profiles so users will need to check their account settings before attempting to make use of such a service.”

In relation to what to look out for with these tools, SumoDash highlighted several key points.

“The trusted backup services will be using the official API of the platform in question and not trying to find a workaround or loophole for their operation. The content should come direct from the social media platform’s servers and not be republished without permission.”

The issue of ads, which often goes hand in hand with the use of free online tools, was also discussed.

“Many tools have advertising plastered all over their website. This is not a red flag as such since it is simply a method of monetizing the free service. But it is best to choose services that don’t have overwhelming amount of ads that distract from their use” stated SumoDash.

Concluding their recent publication on the Imginn tool, SumoDash reiterates the benefits of considering the use of a VPN to access online download tools and backup services.

“A trusted VPN gives the user peace of mind. You can achieve privacy & security, with the bonus of ad blocking features for a safe and seamless experience.”

Readers can discover SumoDash’s No.1 Trusted VPN Provider at

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