Jacqui Grant: Empowering Businesses and Individuals in the Health & Disability Sector

Melbourne, Australia, 28th Jun 2024 – Break Free Consultancy – Jacqui Grant Connecting you with the right people, strategies & tools for your success!


Jacqui Grant is a remarkable individual whose journey from nursing to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the disability sector is as inspiring as it is impactful. With a career spanning over 35 years in various healthcare and disability roles, Jacqui has cultivated a reputation for her unwavering commitment to connecting people with the right resources, strategies, and tools at precisely the right time. 


Jacqui seeks to offer not only specialized business coaching through Break Free Consultancy but also provide a platform for businesses in the disability, health, fitness, and wellbeing sectors to network and advertise, through the Connect & Grow Magazine and events like the Connect & Grow Health & Disability Expo. Moreover, she’s dedicated to providing specialized training aimed at fostering inclusivity in the workplace and individual empowerment. 


Connect & Grow Magazine: Nurturing Inclusivity 


With Jacqui as editor-in-chief, Connect & Grow magazine has blossomed, reaching an average of 20,000 monthly views and available in 42,000 stores worldwide. With a team of four regular writers, the magazine bridges the realms of health, fitness, wellness, and disability, advocating for inclusiveness and community connection. Its pages not only feature informative articles but also provide a platform for businesses in the health and disability sectors to advertise, fostering collaboration and visibility.


Connect & Grow Events: Fostering Meaningful Connections


Beyond the digital world, Connect & Grow events serve as dynamic hubs for networking and collaboration. The upcoming Connect & Grow Health & Disability Expo, slated for June 20th in Doncaster, promises to be a pivotal gathering for businesses and individuals seeking services in these vital sectors. Sponsored by Activate Allied Health, the expo offers attendees the opportunity to connect with local providers and discover valuable resources and support.


Business Coaching and Training: Empowering Growth 


Jacqui’s expertise extends beyond publishing and event coordination. As a seasoned business coach, she works closely with enterprises in the NDIS, health, fitness, and wellbeing sectors, guiding them toward sustainable growth and fostering inclusivity. 


Through tailored programs, coaching sessions, books, products, and specialized training services, Jacqui equips businesses with the tools and knowledge to create a sustainable business in NDIS, health, and wellbeing, as well as neurodiverse and inclusive workplaces. 


Her advocacy for neurodiversity in the workplace extends to speaking engagements, where she shares insights on fostering a supportive environment for all employees. Jacqui also hosts the Connect & Grow podcast, aimed at businesses and individuals who want valuable insights. 


Advocating for Self-Care with a Personal Touch


Recognizing the importance of holistic well-being, Jacqui also dedicates herself to promoting self-care and wellness in the workplace. Her forthcoming Empowering Wellbeing online program aims to equip individuals with the tools to prioritize their mental, emotional, and physical health—a mission that aligns seamlessly with her passion for empowerment and connection.


Jacqui’s personal journey, marked by her experiences with releasing over 118kgs and how much her life improved achieving this success along with autism and ADHD,  has given her a profound sense of empathy and understanding. Her passion for connecting and empowering others stems from a deeply personal place, driving her relentless pursuit of inclusivity and support.


Looking to the Future: A Call to Connect and Grow


As Jacqui’s influence continues to ripple across industries, her vision remains clear: to connect, empower, and uplift those around her. Through Connect & Grow Magazine, events, coaching, and advocacy, she strives to provide opportunities within the disability industry, helping individuals and businesses thrive. 


For businesses seeking to advertise and network, and enterprises eager to embrace neurodiversity and wellbeing in the workplace, Jacqui Grant is a source of guidance, knowledge, expertise, and support. 


For more information, visit the Break Free Consultancy website or connect on LinkedInInstagram, and Facebook.



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