Leading with Metattude: David Deane-Spread’s Path to Organizational Excellence

Nedlands, Australia, 28th Jun 2024 – When you’re a business leader, you understand that success often hinges on a delicate balance of strategy, execution, and culture. David Deane-Spread knows how difficult it can be to achieve that balance, so he makes it easier by offering unparalleled guidance and support through a variety of coaching services and resources. As the founder of Metattude, David has spent the last 25 years at the forefront of leadership coaching and consulting, guiding clients across government and business spheres towards excellence and distinction.


David’s journey to becoming an established figure in leadership development is marked by a diverse array of experiences. Drawing from his background in the military, law enforcement, and government service, where he honed his skills leading special operators in high-stakes environments, David brings a unique perspective to the realm of leadership. This wealth of experience has equipped him with a deep understanding of the complexities inherent in guiding individuals and organizations through adversity and transformation.


Metattude, under David’s visionary leadership, offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at driving profound and sustainable change within organizations. At the core of Metattude’s approach lies a commitment to addressing the fundamental pillars of organizational success: attitudes, behaviors, and conversations. Through proprietary processes refined over decades, Metattude empowers clients to cultivate a culture of excellence from the inside out.


One of Metattude’s flagship offerings is the Vortex Program, which was developed by David to help organizations improve rapidly and sustainably. Your business vortex, where everything stems from, are those areas where attitudes, behaviors, and conversations are deployed: ‘corridor/water cooler’ conversations, meetings, alignment, delegation, and coaching by leaders.  They create culture, strategy, innovation, execution, results, and revenue. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs seeking better results will benefit greatly from this program. It will help them understand and hack their business vortex so they can optimize it for ultimate success. 


Central to Metattude’s methodology is the concept of Attitudinal Competence, a core ability essential for leaders and teams to navigate challenges with resilience and adaptability. David’s pioneering work in this field has positioned him as a global leader in attitudinal excellence, with Metattude’s clients reaping the benefits of this innovative approach.


What sets Metattude apart is its unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results and enduring value for its clients. Through a rigorous process of measurement and refinement, Metattude ensures that every engagement yields meaningful progress toward the client’s strategic objectives. This results-oriented approach has earned Metattude a sterling reputation as a trusted partner in the pursuit of organizational excellence.


At its core, Metattude is guided by a set of values that reflect its commitment to excellence, service, learning, and courage. These values permeate every aspect of Metattude’s operations, informing its mission to help leaders become those whom others choose to follow. With a vision of leaders who are trusted and respected catalysts for greatness, Metattude remains steadfast in its dedication to embedding leading behaviors in all who aspire to lead.


For leaders who seek not only to survive but to thrive in today’s competitive landscape, Metattude offers a transformative journey toward becoming the preferred employer and provider in their respective spaces. With David Deane-Spread at the helm, Metattude is guiding leaders toward a future defined by excellence, resilience, and enduring success.


To learn more about Metattude and access endless resources to improve your organization, visit Metattude’s website or connect with David Deane-Spread on LinkedIn.


Download David’s complimentary e-book “The CEO’s Blueprint for Sustainable Success”.   





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