Joss Honour and Firefly Advisory—Guiding Businesses to International Growth

Melbourne, Australia, 28th Jun 2024 – In the global commerce space, where digital presence and strategic execution define success, Joss offers invaluable support. With over two decades of experience driving revenue growth for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across various sectors, Joss has carved a niche for herself in digital marketing and international business growth. Her business, Firefly Advisory, epitomizes her commitment to leveraging digital strategies for transformative business outcomes.


Joss Honour: A Leader with Vision and Pragmatism


Joss Honour’s expertise spans financial services, food and beverages, consumer goods, technology, SaaS, and more. She’s renowned for her strategic planning, digital strategy formulation, marketing acumen, and corporate communication skills. Her unique approach combines visionary thinking with practical, actionable execution plans, a blend that has earned her accolades from clients and peers alike.


Firefly Advisory, founded by Joss, is dedicated to helping businesses achieve international growth through refined digital strategies. The firm’s mission is clear: to harness digital tools and insights to enhance market presence and sales pipelines for SMEs aiming for global expansion. With key services like digital assessment, buyer insights and market research reports, and growth director partnership, Joss offers unparalleled guidance to support business leaders and facilitate growth.


Why Firefly Advisory Stands Out


Joss’s approach at Firefly Advisory is unique in its deep understanding of client needs and market dynamics. She excels in helping businesses understand their ideal client profiles through human insights combined with current online trends and behaviors. This holistic approach ensures that customer profiles are not just theoretical constructs but are actively integrated into customer experience (CX) strategies, tech stack decisions, acquisition and retention plans, and content development.


This integration of customer insights into strategic decisions allows businesses to make more informed and confident choices, ultimately driving growth. Joss’s passion for this area stems from witnessing many businesses falter by not fully applying their customer profiles to actionable strategies. Her mission is to rectify this, guiding businesses to leverage their customer insights effectively.


Anneliese Hough and Sarah Grant, Co-Founders of Magic Beans, one of Joss’ clients, have experienced the power of her expert services. “I was struggling to strategise growing the Magic Beans app in New Zealand and Australia. After our launch, it was pretty overwhelming and there wasn’t really anyone onboard to help manage strategy. I felt like I was treading water and in serious danger of failing,” said Anneliese. She continued, “Joss helped me to articulate some goals and strategies and then break them down into meaningful and manageable segments. This gave me the confidence to start networking and connecting to important people and organisations that will help me to bring these goals to fruition.”



Firefly Advisory: A Partner in Growth


Joss Honour’s Firefly Advisory is more than a consultancy; it is a catalyst for growth. Her extensive experience with the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, where she supported entrepreneurs with digital strategies for export growth, has enriched her understanding and capability to drive international success. 


Businesses looking to elevate their market presence and achieve substantial growth should consider Firefly Advisory. By booking a free, 30-minute pre-brief, potential clients can explore how Joss’s experience and strategic insight can be tailored to their specific needs, leading to validated insights, effective acquisition strategies, and improved customer retention.


In today’s increasingly digital world, where growth is driven by strategic execution and customer-centric approaches, Firefly Advisory can be the partner businesses need to achieve international success. To learn more about their services, visit the Firefly Advisory website here or connect with Joss Honour on LinkedIn.


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