The Story of Peter Ristevski: An Inspirational Business Leader

Bankstown, Australia, 28th Jun 2024 – Peter Ristevski is an Australian entrepreneur and accountant who has been innovating for years, challenging the business landscape with disruptive models that help Australian businesses succeed and minimise tax legally. Best known as the “1% Accountant,” he was recently voted as Australia’s best tax accountant in 2024. This accolade is well-deserved, considering his unique approach to accounting and tax planning.


Ristevski’s Investment Plus Accounting Group stands out in the heavily congested accounting market with proprietary structures that help businesses minimise tax legally and protect assets. These innovative structures, unavailable at any other accounting firm in Australia, have made Investment Plus the accountants of choice for Australian SME business owners and high net worth individuals. This achievement highlights Ristevski’s expertise as both an entrepreneur and accountant, setting new benchmarks in the industry.


His recent feature in the Channel 7 TV series “Industry Leaders” underscores his status as a captain of industry in the tax and accounting space. Now, Ristevski is set to share his insights in his upcoming book, “Tax Secrets Of The Rich 1%,” a guide that alternates between assertive and instructional, offering insights into the world of Peter Ristevski. “You may believe that you cannot achieve what the rich 1% have achieved. But the truth is, you can,” he states, emphasizing traditional hard work and a complete intolerance for deception.


Ristevski’s journey from a hardworking immigrant family to a successful entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring. His father, who migrated to Australia at 17, worked tirelessly, instilling a strong work ethic in his son. However, it was Ristevski’s mother who insisted on a university education, steering him towards a career in accounting.


In his upcoming book, Ristevski provides glimpses of his personal life, including raising his daughter following his first wife’s illness and sharing a five-year-old boy with his current wife, who runs the finance division within his firm. Demonstrating his penchant for efficiency, he has enlisted his late uncle’s close friend as a driver during his mayoral campaign, allowing him to work efficiently in a mobile office setup.


Boxing plays a crucial role in Ristevski’s life. “I engage in boxing to stay grounded. Inside the ring, it’s just you. Boxing prevents me from becoming my own worst adversary,” he explains. Despite his high standards, he clarifies, “Not demanding, just focused. I always push them,” referring to his employees.


Beyond revolutionising wealth creation and tax planning, Ristevski aims to address another flawed system: politics. Running for Mayor of Liverpool, he aspires to transform the local political landscape. “Local politics is in need of transformation. Democracy, especially in Liverpool as I see it, no longer exists,” he asserts, highlighting his mission to make the city a better place.


Ristevski envisions a future where Liverpool is the destination of choice for international companies. “As a mayor of a city, your job is to make the lives of the community better. Our residents are living on top of each other due to poor overdevelopment decisions under the current administration,” he says.


His political stance is clear: “Democracy is not centered; it is being pulled towards the extremes. The current system is driving this shift, and it urgently requires reform.” He criticizes both main political parties for abandoning their core values and the middle class.


Inspired by the renowned Liberal prime minister Robert Menzies, Ristevski believes there is a new group of ‘forgotten people’ in Liverpool that he aims to represent. Running under the independent political party Our Local Community, his campaign slogan “To Make Liverpool Great Again” encapsulates his vision for the city.


To learn more about Investment Plus Accounting Group and Peter Ristevski’s ambitions for the future, visit their website here or connect with Peter on Instagram


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