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LGBQT United Collection – United For Love, Spread the Word

United States, 2nd Jul 2022, King NewsWire, Love is the word let’s spread it. Share this NFT with your loved ones as you embrace their love language. Share it when you think about each other (Quality time). Share it to let them know you are proud of who they are (words of affirmation). Share it often as a random gift (gifts). Share it to let them know that you’ll complete a chore they’ve been neglecting (acts of service). Share it with someone to let them know that you have a back rub waiting for them (physical touch). Keep your relationship afloat by loving your partner(s) the way they want to be loved.

Let this NFT be a reminder to your loved ones that with love your relationship can and will withstand anything. Let them know that regardless of the challenges you may face daily your love for them will always prevail. Be proud of the love that you share for each other. Many battles have been lost and won for the freedoms we enjoy today. So share your love and share it proudly. Know that you are amazing and most importantly worthy of the love you desire. LGBTQ2S+ united for love with love share and spread the word.

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