MAXGREEN Leads the Charge: Introducing Versatile EV Charging Solutions for Home and On-the-Go

China, 11th Jul 2024 – Electric vehicle (EV) sales are surging, with a projected 40% annual growth rate over the next decade. As a prominent player in the EV charging industry, MAXGREEN has developed a wide range of energy-efficient charging solutions. These include household EV charging stations, portable AC control boxes, and wall-mounted AC charging piles, alongside essential car parts accessories. Our products, certified by UL, CE, CSA, TUV, and more, are trusted globally—from Europe and the United States to South Korea and Japan. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, MAXGREEN ensures a superior charging experience with robust after-sales support.

MAXGREEN’s Range of EV Chargers


MAXGREEN, a leader in manufacturing of EV chargers, offers comprehensive charging solutions tailored to the evolving needs of electric vehicle owners. Recognized for our quality and reliability, we provide a diverse array of chargers and OEM services to ensure a seamless charging experience. The MAXGREEN home car charger offers convenient and efficient charging solutions for residential EV owners, ensuring easy access to reliable power.

Portable Car Charger: On-the-Go Charging Solutions

  1. Product Type: Wall-mountable and Portable EV Car Charger
  2. Item Code: JD-PEC-PKT1 / PKT2
  3. Features:
  • Waterproof, IP65 rated
  • Includes wall-mounted bracket and portable bag
  • Comfortable grip handle with a rubber cover
  • Up to 22KW charging power
  • Adjustable current settings
  • Intelligent Delay Timer
  • LCD display for charging details

Home Car Charger: Enhanced Home Charging Convenience

  1. Product Type: Smart Home EV Charging Station
  2. Item Code: MG-ECS-02T1/02T2
  3. Features:
  • 11.5kW maximum output
  • IP54/IK08 rated, suitable for outdoor use
  • RFID and app authentication for user management
  • Low standby power consumption
  • Remote management via built-in network connectivity
  • OCPP compliance for backend integration
  • Suitable for both commercial and residential use

EV Car Charger: Customized Charging Solutions

  1. Focus: One-Stop EV Car Charger for corporate clients
  2. Services: OEM and ODM services, along with energy storage solutions
  3. Advantages:
  • Wide range of products
  • Professional OEM services with low minimum order quantities
  • Dedicated after-sales service and technical support
  • Commitment to quality and timely delivery
  • Ongoing investment in R&D for competitive product enhancements
  • Emphasis on environmental sustainability and a green future


At MAXGREEN, our commitment to delivering high-quality, efficient, and adaptable charging solutions is unwavering, as we strive to meet the comprehensive needs of our clients and contribute to the global transition to sustainable transportation.


Technological Innovations

Advanced Compatibility

MAXGREEN chargers are engineered to meet the diverse needs of the electric vehicle market. Recognizing that various makes and models require different charging standards, our chargers support multiple protocols including CCS (Combined Charging System), CHAdeMO, and AC charging. This compatibility ensures that a broad spectrum of electric vehicles can efficiently utilize our charging solutions, offering flexibility and convenience to EV owners.

Safety Features and Smart Charging

Safety is paramount in our design philosophy. MAXGREEN chargers are equipped with multiple safety features to prevent overcharging, overheating, and electrical surges, ensuring both vehicle and user safety. Additionally, our smart charging capabilities allow users to monitor and control charging remotely via apps, enhancing the user experience with features like scheduling and usage tracking.


Environmental and Economic Benefits

Sustainability Impact

At MAXGREEN, we are dedicated to contributing to environmental sustainability. Our chargers are designed to maximize energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint associated with charging electric vehicles. By promoting the use of EVs through reliable and efficient chargers, we support the global shift towards more sustainable transportation solutions.


Using MAXGREEN products offers significant cost savings over time. Our energy-efficient chargers not only reduce electricity usage but also maximize the lifespan of the battery, thus providing long-term savings to EV owners. This economic benefit, coupled with the lower overall maintenance costs of EVs, presents a compelling case for consumers considering the switch to electric vehicles.

User Feedback

“MAXGREEN chargers have transformed my EV experience. They’re reliable, easy to use, and incredibly efficient,” says Emma, a satisfied customer. John adds, “The smart features are a game-changer, allowing me to manage charging times conveniently through the app.”

Final Words & Market Trends and Acceptance

The market’s response to MAXGREEN products has been overwhelmingly positive, reflecting a strong trend towards sustainable transportation. Our chargers are well-received for their innovation, reliability, and user-friendly features, making them a preferred choice among EV owners globally.

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