Tips from TheDegreePeople.com on Handling an I-140 RFE

Sheila Danzig of TheDegreePeople.com provides crucial advice for managing I-140 Requests for Evidence (RFEs). Key tips include understanding RFE requirements, organizing responses clearly, gathering complete supporting documents, ensuring accuracy, and seeking expert help. Following these guidelines can improve the chances of a successful petition. For a free case review, visit www.ccifree.com and submit your documents to receive tailored assistance from Sheila Danzig.

Danzig, FL, United States, 11th Jul 2024 – Handling an I-140 Request for Evidence (RFE) can be challenging, but Sheila Danzig of TheDegreePeople.com offers expert advice to navigate this process effectively. 

Here are her key tips: – 

**Understand the RFE:** 

Carefully read the RFE notice to comprehend what additional information or documentation is required. Knowing exactly what is being requested is crucial for a thorough and accurate response. – 

**Organize Your Response:** Structure your response in a clear and organized manner. Include a cover letter that outlines the contents of your response package and addresses each point raised in the RFE. – 

**Gather Supporting Evidence:

** Collect all necessary documents that support your case. This may include employment verification letters, educational credentials, proof of work experience, and any other relevant evidence. – 

**Be Thorough and Accurate:

** Ensure that all provided information is accurate and complete. Inaccuracies or missing information can lead to further delays or a denial of your petition. – 

**Seek Expert Help:** 

In addition to consulting with immigration experts or attorneys who specialize in I-140 petitions contact a foriegn credential evaluation service that can provide needed documentation to support your case. 

Sheila Danzig of CCI / TheDegreePeople.com will review your case at no charge to either prevent or overturn an RFE.

Simply go to www.ccifree.com and fill out the short form. Then send the documents. Danzig will get back to you as quickly as possible with all of your options.

This expertise can be invaluable in ensuring your response is comprehensive and compelling. – 

**Highlight Critical Points:

** Emphasize the key elements of your petition that demonstrate your qualifications and the merits of your case. Make it easy for the reviewer to see why your petition should be approved. – 

**Meet the Deadline:

** Submit your response well before the deadline provided in the RFE notice. Timely submission is essential to avoid any negative impact on your petition. – 

**Follow Up:

** After submitting your response, monitor the status of your petition. If you do not receive a timely update, consider following up with the USCIS for a status check. By following these tips from Sheila Danzig of TheDegreePeople.com, you can improve your chances of successfully addressing an I-140 RFE and moving forward with your immigration process.

For a no charge analysis of you case 

go to www.ccifree.com and fill out the short form. Then send the documents. Danzig will get back to you as quickly as possible with all of your options.

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