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Meta Salvador Introduces Property Listing feature In A Single Decentralized Database.

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Buryatia, Russia, 25th Aug 2022,  The El Salvadorian metaverse project, Meta Salvador, has taken things a little up a notch with the introduction of a new feature- Property Listing in a single decentralized database. The new feature provides that if data were distributed node-to-node then brokers as well as anyone else would have more control over their data. 

In addition, more on the decentralized orientation, Meta Salvador is using blockchain technology. This means that there is no need for a third party involvement, and/or can interference. 

Decentralized database technology

Blockchain and related decentralization technologies are in the spotlight. More and more projects are trying to innovate and optimize by implementing decentralization, and Meta Salvador is the latest addition, bringing forth a property-listing feature that runs on a single decentralized database. 

Meta Salvador’s decentralized database is basically an independent storage technology. In this innovation, they split and process property-listing data amongst many nodes of the cluster effectively. The decentralized networks of nodes share data with each other without knowing who is on the other side.

The new feature achieves this because of the underlying technology that powers these clusters. The implementation might change, but essentially what is known as “Byzantine Fault Tolerance” allows the network to remain consistent and secure even if one or more nodes are compromised. Compromise in this regard involves actions such as being taken down or hacked. 

The decentralized network does not have a single owner. Noteworthy, the decentralized approach that underlies tech prevents catastrophic scenarios such as hacking from taking place. As such, removing the dependency of an entire network of nodes of a single entity is a major deciding factor for Meta Salvador’s property listing feature and explains why they chose a decentralized database over the option of a distributed approach.

Thus, the decentralized system poses the following properties for the property listing feature:

  • No technical center

This means that losing components (servers, users, nodes) does not make the system non-operational.

  • No control center

Any decision by a small group of users does not make the system non-operational

  • Attacks tolerance

Rules on how users and nodes cooperate are stipulated. Following the rules is rewarded and malicious behavior is punished.

  • All users are equal 

Anyone can join the system under the rules.

Rationale for Meta Salvador’s decentralized database

One of the rationales for decentralization is that it improves the competitiveness of the project, and increases innovation. This raises the likelihood that they will act in ways that meet the aspirations of meta-citizens.

About Meta Salvador

Meta Salvador brings for an ecosystem that will set the pace for the crypto community and the trust the market bestows upon it, as well as the project. Meta Salvador promises transparency within the community supporters, while encouraging free, open, and frank communication so that everyone interested can be informed in every phase of Meta Salvador´s progress!

The project announced its official launch, set for August 20 and the market stands in readiness for what is expected to be the next big thing in the crypto ecosystem. The project is closely related to the Metaverse, as well as NFT´s, and with this new feature, property listing!




Media Contact

Organization: Meta Salvador

Contact Person: Vladyslav Pozniak

Email: Send Email

City: Buryatia

Country: Russia


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