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Outdoor LCD advertising machine operating characteristics.

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The characteristics of advertising machine by ROGTAZR Advertisement placement

1, Long playing time: all-weather playback; 2, high temperature, low temperature environment operation; 3, unobstructed exposure to the outdoors, the protection function needs to be strong; 4, strong outdoor light, high screen brightness requirements. Combined with the above characteristics, Rongda color crystal advertising machine manufacturers summarize the following features, so that users in the procurement of outdoor LCD advertising machine, you can choose to better quality, more applicable products.(ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

Comparison in the first, “five prevention” as the first

Outdoor LCD advertising machine needs to be placed in the outdoor 24-hour non-stop work, the outdoor environment is complex, so waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion function is its necessary conditions. Although many advertising machines are said to have waterproof features, but many are only suitable for indoor use and not for outdoor use, so we need to pay special attention when choosing the shell. Choose galvanized plate shell, the surface of the spray outdoor special powder, the length of protection can reach more than 7 years. Some advertising machines use open door design waterproof structure, paste outdoor rubber strip seal, for protection performance has also improved. When choosing, also pay attention to its protection level, the whole machine protection level of IP65 even if excellent. In terms of electrical control, it is best to buy outdoor advertising machine with lightning protector, leakage protector, to reduce the advertising machine brings hidden dangers, but also to extend the service life. In the processing of explosion-proof, the general outdoor display equipment will use special tempered laminated glass, even if the glass breaks, can only produce a spider web-like fine cracks, its fragments firmly adhered to the middle layer, can avoid personal injury or property damage caused by falling glass.(ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

HD screen, no fear of glare

Outdoor LCD advertising machines usually attract consumers’ eyes with dynamic images and brilliant colors. Therefore, the display of the advertising machine is crucial. In the case of strong outdoor sunlight, the display needs to have the basic qualities of high definition and high brightness. When the brightness of the display is 1500-3000cd/㎡, its content can be clearly visible under direct sunlight. Many advertisings machine display uses AR anti-glare glass, high light transmission and low reflection, anti-UV, to bring users a good visual experience to the maximum extent.(ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

Intelligent temperature control, heat dissipation without worry

Advertising machine in the outdoor exposure to long-term, plus the operation itself also produces heat, if there is no good heat dissipation system, resulting in serious equipment loss, service life will be greatly shortened. Some advertising machines are air conditioning type heat dissipation, some take forced air-cooling type heat dissipation. But no matter what kind of heat dissipation program, generally to meet the temperature stability in -30 ℃ ~ 55 ℃. The use of intelligent temperature control system cooling and heating best, high temperature automatically shut down the display, low temperature since the start of the heating module makes the advertising machine always has a constant temperature effect, continued to show us colorful images and video efficiently.(ROGTAZR advertisement platform)

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