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ProVideoMeeting Empowering Entrepreneurs To Manage Their Virtual Office

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ProVideoMeeting (PVM) has relaunched its entrepreneur-focused video communication platform with a streamlined user experience. The rebrand introduces new features like document signing, integrated meeting scheduling, and personalized links at no extra cost. The platform offers custom digital waiting rooms that facilitate interactions, website visits, and scheduling. PVM’s dashboard provides real-time insights into virtual businesses, while its compatibility with popular calendar apps and waiting room scheduling enhances convenience. The rebrand emphasizes catering to small businesses and individual entrepreneurs’ specific needs, delivering tools like distinctive meeting links and an Instasign™ feature. Spearheaded by Digital Paradiso, the rebrand brings cutting-edge design to PVM’s dashboard. Learn more at

ProVideoMeeting (PVM), a turnkey video communication platform designed by and for entrepreneurs, has relaunched its platform following a rebrand that streamlines the user experience. PVM is now easier than ever to use, empowering entrepreneurs to successfully manage their virtual offices with ease.

PVM isn’t just a video platform where remote communications occur, as document signing (InstasignTM), integrated meeting scheduling, and link personalization are included at no additional cost to users. Additionally, ProVideoMeeting provides custom digital waiting rooms where users can send messages, visit a website, or schedule to meet later.

For busy entrepreneurs, a digital waiting room can be a game-changer in managing a dynamic queue of customers waiting to be served. With PVM, waiting rooms are more than just a placeholder. Digital waiting rooms ensure continuity in back-to-back meetings, letting users connect with the next participant even before concluding the preceding one.

Additionally, PVM’s dashboard lets users stay in the loop about what’s happening at any moment across their virtual businesses, especially during peak demand hours.

“At the center of PVM’s overhaul is a personalized dashboard that gives users a bird’s eye view of what’s happening, in real-time, across their virtual business,” said Vito Lomanaco, the Founder and CEO of ProVideoMeeting. “Geographical barriers to entrepreneurship have come tumbling down with online platforms such as PVM, and we wanted to ensure that we give our users the best available tools to succeed in the digital frontier.”

The relaunched version of PVM ensures you’re always in sync. It flawlessly pairs with popular calendar apps such as Google and Outlook. Furthermore, its waiting room scheduling extends to platforms like Calendly and Chilipiper, and meetings can be started from the applications with one simple click.

“Our platform fills the gaps that major industry players overlook. Large corporations often neglect the nuanced requirements of small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. As seasoned entrepreneurs, we are committed to delivering a platform specifically shaped around daily business needs,” said Lomonaco.

The newest rebrand builds on a wide range of already standard tools within the PVM Platform. Some standout features of PVM include the ability to produce distinctive, reusable meeting links; a “don’t use, don’t pay” approach ensures users only get billed when they utilize the platform within a month, and an Instasign™ feature lets users review, sign, and share documents all within the meeting interface.

PVM’s latest rebrand was spearheaded by Bookstr’s creative firm, Digital Paradiso, including designer Jingyi Cai, on a breakthrough dashboard that follows cutting-edge UX/UI design standards.

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