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Science call attention to Athos Salome paranormal abilities

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Divinopolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil, 23rd Sep 2022, King NewsWire – Certain individuals have possessed abilities that science could not determine their existence or explain how possible it is to manifest such abilities. Paranormality, the science that studies psychic events, and supposed paranormal phenomena, which may seem supernatural are one of such abilities. While science could not wrap its hands around this phenomenon, some scholars claim that extrasensory perception can be developed through special techniques, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and more.

Athos Salome, prophetic and biblical name, compared to Nostradamus who was a French astrologer born in the early 16th century. He worked as a doctor and his recognition came through his supposed ability to predict the future. Researchers and interpreters point to his prophecies as the most remarkable in history, even if symbolic and without proof that they are clearly his sayings.

A recent study – carried out by researchers cited as an example the predictions of the Brazilian, Athos Salome. 
Despite the controversies surrounding paranormality and the perception of future events, Athos Salome has proven beyond doubt that psychic abilities can be cultivated, honed, and developed through practice. His accuracy and insightfulness are a testament to the fact that psychic abilities are not just reserved for those with a natural gift but can be cultivated by anyone who will put in the effort. These abilities, according to Athos, are latent faculties of the human mind but science tries to hide its mechanisms.

Colombian psychiatrist Ray Padridin, MD, based in Florida, USA, says:

“We have a very famous paranormal psychologist Athos Salome in Brazil, who deciphered 92% of his predictions. It seems to me that this is a very high number, which we cannot ignore. We should pay attention, whether it’s true or not, we should pay attention to what these people say. Because they can help us avoid problems and suffering, and they can help us make decisions in the future. Think about it,” he recommends.

“These people are called psychics or mediums. They have many names, but the interesting thing is that science doesn’t recognize this ability, and the reason is that it can’t be accurately measured. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pay attention and care, as this can give us very important information”, adds Ray Padridin.

Thiago Luigi, a pioneering expert in Brazil who since 2013 has been working with behavioral analysis using the main behavioral protocols of verbal analysis such as (MRI Reality Monitoring, Statement Analysis, CBCA, etc.) together with his criminal lawyer partner, Dionisio Fabio Dalcin Mata, analyzed 14 statements by Athos Salome and found no evidence of the main behaviors that would refer to the category of “charlatans.” The most commonly used by the “false prophets” is the so-called ‘Barnum Statements’ and ‘The Forer effect’ which offer a quantity of general information to an audience (some of which are certainly correct, almost correct, or at least pro or evocative), which seem specific to the current context but are statements with a high generic content, which is seen by a hopeful perspective.

The Brazilian doctor Edmundo Ahouagi says in his social networks:

“There are more things between heaven and earth than your vain philosophy dreams of”

And I agree with Shakespeare.

As a doctor, he admits that science is limited, but the universe that exists beyond that limit is infinite.
To discover and know something beyond our limits, we need to be open to it. It is undeniable that gift, talent and ability make us special people, and all it takes is sensitivity to know that we all have something special.
The paranormality is something that fascinates me and encourages me to step out of my comfort zone within the limits of science and to know and understand what is outside of it.
I recognize Athos Salome for his talent and skill, for spreading this seed, from which a great tree will grow, where each fruit will be an open mind.

About Athos Salome

He is one of the most internationally known Brazilian psychics and has since broken out after several fulfilled prophecies and has not stopped since.

Furthermore, the clairvoyant predicted that World War III would start in the year 2022 and that there would be a collapse of stands that would lead to the death of many in a stadium. Impressively, his predictions came true in July 2022 during a bullfight in Tolima, Colombia. 

Athos also predicted a time when the world would experience mutation and animal extermination. This prediction came to pass after the extermination of several animals in some countries and the cloning of countless mammals. With the “Optimus, Tesla’s humanoid robot” project scheduled to be launched on September 30, it is now looking like the prediction that robots will replace human workers is coming true. 
Bizarre scenarios involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be responsible for the end of humanity.

The predictions of regarding the about various global events have been registered on several portals for over a year. The list of predictions includes the pandemic announced 8 years before it happened. The possible cure for the disease may be in the waters and first hand he revealed that the secret is in the algae.

Consequently, Athos Salome, with his proven credibility, predicts that the years 2023, 2024, and 2026 will be landmarks in world history.

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