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SolStamps wins a 30k prize at Solana Hackathon for Web3 cybersecurity software: launching public beta this week.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States, 23rd Sep 2022,  SolStamps won 30k in the Solana Summer Camp, an “online hackathon where builders turn ideas into the next big Web3 products.” This hackathon was the largest of previous competitions, with over 3,000 project submissions and 18,000 participants of all ages and demographics. Voted by competition judges, including FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried, and Solana Labs Co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko, SolStamps was awarded the University Award, “which recognizes excellence from a project led by university students.” 

SolStamps is a Web3-centric software establishing trust in the email ecosystem. While most anti phishing software solutions verify emails by ensuring they came through the proper domain (DMARC) or servers(DKIM), SolStamps takes a unique approach by confirming the sender’s identity. 

The recipient can automatically validate that emails sent using SolStamps (i.e., the blockchain) come from the expected person. This sender confirmation acts as a countermeasure to sophisticated, hard-to-recognize phishing attacks like business email compromise, spear phishing, and identity impersonation, which both individuals and corporations are exposed to and targeted by attackers looking to steal sensitive and private data. 

Since the competition, however, SolStamps has entirely remade its product, condensing the email verification service into one google extension. The software works as follows. A user securely sends an email through the SolStamps extension in just two clicks. This email is then sealed and stamped with the sender’s identity. The software will automatically verify the sender when the recipient opens the email. As Ryan Trattner, Co-founder of SolStamps says, “your email now has the same security as your crypto wallet.” For anyone without crypto knowledge, a digital currency wallet is just as secure as a physical vault locked inside a bank. 

Within the next month, Solstamps will release Version 2 to the public, so anyone from lawyers to escrow agents to doctors to the average email user can prove they sent an email, and the recipient can confirm the email came from the right person. James Carlin, the other Co-Founder of SolStamps, likes to say email is missing one crucial detail: your identity. 

 In addition, SolStamps will be raising money this year to hire a team of developers to go and build a full-fledged app compatible with any email service, browser, and device and made for enterprises as well. 

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