Tarun Stevenson’s Calmer Classrooms: Promoting Composure in Challenging Times

Brisbane, Australia, 28th Jun 2024 – Leadership can be a hectic space and very challenging to navigate, but there are professionals like Tarun Stevenson, dedicated to guiding leaders through stormy waters with their services. Stevenson is the founder of Calmer Classrooms and he has built a career steeped in understanding human behaviour and leadership dynamics to provide effective support. 


Stevenson’s journey is one of transformation and dedication. Starting as a school teacher, he witnessed firsthand the challenges educators face in managing behaviour in diverse classroom environments. Through years of experience in some of Brisbane’s toughest schools, Stevenson honed his expertise, developing a profound understanding of what drives human behaviour, regardless of age or background.


This understanding led Stevenson to establish Calmer Classrooms, a platform aimed at empowering educators with effective behaviour management strategies. What began as a means to assist teachers in classroom management quickly evolved into a comprehensive program catering to leaders and educators alike, seeking guidance in handling difficult individuals within their teams.


At the core of Stevenson’s approach lies a set of principles designed to foster calm, consistency, and compassion:


  • Set Clear Expectations: Establishing clear boundaries and expectations lays the foundation for effective behaviour management. This is something Stevenson lives by. 


  • Respond with Consistency: Consistent responses to problem behaviour reinforce expectations and promote accountability.


  • Develop Calming Routines: Creating routines and systems that promote calm helps diffuse tense situations and maintain order. This is a must for all leadership roles to maintain healthy boundaries and healthy team behaviours, as well as minimise individual frustration and stress. 


  • Understand Motivation: By understanding the underlying motivations behind behaviour, leaders can address root causes rather than symptoms. This is what leads to actual change and transformation. 


  • Build Positive Relationships: Cultivating positive relationships fosters trust and cooperation, which are essential elements in managing difficult individuals. 


Stevenson’s impact extends beyond traditional education settings as well. Recognising the universal challenges of leadership, he has authored books and developed programs tailored to leaders in various fields. His upcoming book, Calmer Leadership: Leading Difficult People without Losing, promises to be a roadmap for managers, small business owners, and community leaders facing the complexities of human behaviour in the workplace.


Through online courses, live workshops, and tailored onsite training, Stevenson’s influence reaches far and wide, touching the lives of educators and leaders across Australia. His passion for equipping others with practical tools and socially just practices underscores his commitment to fostering environments of respect, understanding, and growth.


In a space where tensions often run high and conflicts are abundant, Tarun Stevenson is a steadfast advocate for composure, empathy, and effective leadership. Tarun Stevenson helps leaders at every stage navigate and master the art of managing complex behaviour and people management. Those ready to improve their leadership skills and understand how to manage behaviour more effectively will benefit greatly from working with Stevenson. 


To learn more about Tarun Stevenson and his approach, visit his website or check out his LinkedInFacebook, or YouTube pages. 



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