The Secret to Excite Media’s (Almost) 20 Years of Success

Brisbane, Australia, 28th Jun 2024 – In the fast-paced digital marketing world, standing the test of time for almost two decades is no small feat. Excite Media, a web design and digital marketing agency in Brisbane, Australia, is a testament to this resilience. Founded in 2006 by Scott Maynard and Nathanael Hubbard, the agency has flourished by nurturing a vibrant team culture, leading to customer success and, ultimately, to a thriving business that has stood the test of time.

Scott and Nathanael’s journey began long before Excite Media took its first steps. Their shared passion for business sparked during their school years when they formed a number of rock bands together and later ventured into entrepreneurship with a tuition agency. These early experiences laid the foundation for their future endeavours.

The duo’s initial foray into the digital realm with SnapSoft, a web software development company, was a valuable learning ground for all areas of business–from sales and marketing, to service delivery and expanding their team. The web development space saw them grow from working with small businesses to working with big-name clients, but it was the former where their true passion lay. In 2006, they pivoted to launch Excite Media, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey.

From the launch of Excite Media, the focus extended beyond website production and ventured into the world of digital marketing campaigns. With this new-found full-service approach, they could now drive sustainable growth for clients, no matter where they were in their marketing journey.


With a team of over 35 specialists in various domains, including Web Design, Copywriting, SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook and Instagram Ads, the agency emphasises lead generation and tangible results.


So, what is it that’s created Excite Media’s success? Three clear priorities: First, a focus on team happiness, which in turn drives customer success, ultimately leading to the financial sustainability that has underpinned their longevity.

The founders believe that in order to deliver a great customer experience, you need to first look after the team delivering it. This is where team culture comes in–creating an environment where people enjoy coming to work and helping customers.

Excite Media realises that good business results are what keep clients onboard long-term; however, it’s also about creating positive relationships so they enjoy the experience along the way.

The team has developed its own technology, which guides the customer relationship so that each team member ensures they “do what they say they’re going to do”–the foundation of customer service. Good customer service isn’t about making big, outlandish promises. It’s about keeping the promises you do make.

The other aspect of Excite Media’s success is the partnership and friendship of the founders. Nathanael and Scott both bring an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to get new ideas off the ground, but they each have their own strengths in how to execute.


Nathanael has an outward focus on the customers the business serves. He enjoys a hands-on approach to working with clients at the start of their journey and has a passion for helping business owners achieve their goals. With qualifications in Information Technology and Popular Music, Nathanael brings a wealth of diverse skills to the partnership. 

On the other hand, Scott often finds his focus within the business–he is deeply invested in fostering a thriving team culture and enjoys building the team, the technology, and managing the numbers. With a background in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Scott brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative flair to the table.

This partnership is complementary and is key to what has taken the agency to that nearly two-decade mark.

Beyond their professional achievements, Scott and Nathanael are known for their quirks and idiosyncrasies. Whether they’re breaking Guinness World Records for darts marathons or thinking they can accurately predict the weather, the founders have created an agency that’s as fun as it is successful.

As Excite Media approaches its 20th year in business, Scott and Nathanael’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. Their dedication to the happiness of their team, their passion for helping business owners achieve their goals, and their genuine enjoyment of the art of business, have ensured the agency’s longevity and positioned it as a leader in the digital marketing landscape.

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